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10 Best App to Monitor Kids’ Screen Time

Addiction to mobile phones and devices is becoming a growing problem in companies around the world. Whether you mean yourself, your friends, your family, or even your children in general, we spend more and more time locked in front of our screens.

Mobile phones as we know them haven’t been around for long, around two decades at the most, and even for the first few years, the devices didn’t have the level of functionality that they do today.

But, with so little research or time, it is difficult to understand or even know what the implications will be. When you consider that 90% of adults in the world alone own a smartphone with an average use time of seven hours a day, you will quickly see where the problems begin.

Today we’re going to explore everything you need to know about using your phone and some of the best screen time app to help you cut down on to monitor your kid’s phones.

Best Online Safety Apps for Kids to Limit Time on Cell Phones
Best Online Safety Apps for Kids to Limit Time on Cell Phones

Best Online Safety Apps for Kids to Limit Time on Cell Phones

This is an increasingly common question, and it varies from individual to individual. In particular, many people simply want to reduce the time they spend on their phones because it gets in the way of their routine of daily life. Whether you’re trying to watch a movie, enjoy a meal, or even lie in bed trying to sleep, our phones are there and smiling for us to use.

Listed below are ten apps to limit screen time, for both Android and iOS devices, that can help you manage, monitor, and restrict kid’s screen-time, helping you unplug your smartphone and get back to life in parental control.

Spyzie Parental Control

To kick-start our list of apps, we’ve chosen the world-class mobile tracking and monitoring app known as Spyzie. The app is packed with features that help you control and to monitor kids’ screen time limit, absolutely everything you do, as well as restrict access to apps in a timely manner.

  • Monitoring the time to use in applications and social networks
  • Track application activities
  • Has a dedicated function for Programming Restrictions
  • Block access to one or all applications with a single click

    Famisafe The Solutions to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location
    Famisafe The Solutions to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location

Famisafe- The Solutions to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location

To keep safe your kids, Famisafe is the solutions to keep kids safe online or track their location; Today, there are many spy and parental control apps available, and Famisafe is one of them. If you are someone looking for a functional and reliable spy app for your kids safe online, you should first go through auto-forward reviews on different platforms to make sure it really works.

How Famisafe App can Help? What’s so Great about Famisafe App?

Rich in Features

When it comes to features apps to limit screen time, Famisafe offers a wide range of functionality that is enough to serve its purpose. However, it falls short when it comes to competing with major spy apps like mSpy.

Easy to use

The application has a very user-friendly and intuitive control panel that is convenient to use, even for non-tech savvy parents and spouses. It allows you to easily monitor your child’s cell phones.

Platform Agnostic
Platform Agnostic

Platform Agnostic

Famisafe is available on the two popular mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Regardless of the operating system running the destination phone, Famisafe will receive the information for you.

Screen time limit
Screen time limit

Quick Download

The screen time app can be downloaded using the Over-The-Air (OTA) link which makes it easy for users to install the application without having to go through many obstacles. It’s also available on Google Play, App Store, and on Amazon, you can download this application easily from these stores.

use Famisafe to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location
use Famisafe to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location

How to” use Famisafe to Keep Kids Safe Online or Track their Location:

FamiSafe is an android and iOS application that you can install for your kid’s screen time limit to monitor what they are doing or what they are using on their phones. This application will ask you for permission on all your phone app to track, so you can permit it and can see everything on FamiSafe. Parents can get alert alarms about potential cyberbullying, improper grown-up substance, tormenting, and more in their kids’ discussions.

  • Real-time location monitoring and geo-fencing. You can always know your child’s location to make sure he or she was not in “unusual places”. You can also create “safe zones” and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves.
  • Best blocker. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to control the type of applications that your child can install and uninstall and control the time devoted to each of them.
  • Content filter. With this filter, you can keep your son or daughter away from the potential dangers of the network. You will be able to block any unwanted or inappropriate site with harmful content such as pornography, gambling or violence.
  • Monitor and control screen-time. Thanks to this feature you will be able to know the exact time and sequence in which your children use their devices and set limits.

    Smart Schedule
    Smart Schedule

Price Plans

As for the price, you can take advantage of the offer that best suits your needs. Priced at less than $ 30 a month, Famisafe is relatively affordable, but you can find cheaper options than this app if you’re on a budget.

Monthly Annual Quarterly
Up to 5 devices per account Up to 30 devices per account Up to 10 devices per account
$9.99/month Billed annually at $59.99 Billed quarterly at $19.99
monitoring application to limit screen time
monitoring application to limit screen time


A complete tracking and monitoring application to limit screen time. Ideal for all ages, you can set custom limits for each application and limit the functions of the device.

  • Time management settings
  • ‘Pause’ phone activity at any time
  • Tasks and rewards feature
  • Custom time limits


The perfect app for staying in touch with your loved ones, Flipd allows you to set up personalized responses so you can turn off your phone while instant messaging someone in case they want to contact you.

  • Auto answer settings
  • Turn off the phone remotely
  • Control kid’s phone from a single app

Net Nanny

Another popular device tracking application is Net Nanny. Originally designed to restrict children’s access to applications, Net Nanny is equipped with features to block and restrict applications to your device using your preferences.

  • Parental controls
  • Internet filter
  • Access and Remote Control
  • Statistics and Reports


More commonly known as SPACE, this is a personalized tracking app that takes a calm, visual approach to find the balance between your phone and your life. The app is packed with visually stimulating graphics to help you relax and unwind on your own time.

  • Tips and tests to help you understand how addicted you are
  • Build a social community where you can disconnect
  • Block notifications and alerts


As the title suggests, this app is designed to help you detach yourself from your device. Traditionally designed for children, the app is now used by people around the world of all generations to track and monitor their phone usage.

  • A ‘time bank’ feature to see how much time you have left per day
  • Restriction of Internet connection time and data usage
  • Entertainment app limiter
  • Manage multiple devices from a single app


This unique application allows you to set restrictions on certain applications, for example, a certain account or social media application. You will then receive a notification informing you when you are reaching your preset time limit.

  • A ton of information on using the app
  • App time limiter and screen time tracker
  • Reports and usage logs


One of the most popular apps for restricting time spent on iOS devices, Moment lets you monitor the usage of your entire device and breaks it down into an easy to understand app-by-app report on a daily basis. You can also add family members or friends to monitor their usage.

  • Set the automatic time lock routine
  • Break down application usage by application
  • Carry out situational time restriction (like dinner or family time)


Only compatible with mobile devices (without tablet), OurPact can track and monitor app usage, calls, text, instant messaging, and send regular alerts to let you know how much time you have used on your device.

  • Block manual or scheduled Internet access
  • Remote subsidy operation for children
  • Schedule application time limits (customized)

    FamiSafe Download
    FamiSafe Download


Without a doubt, FamiSafe is one of the most reliable parental control applications for screen time tracker with very good reviews and ratings from parents who already use it. If there is one thing that stands out, apart from all the available functions, it is so that you can control everything from our personal deterrent. If you are considering a parental control application, FamiSafe is probably the best on the market rather than other parent’s control apps.

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