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10 Mistakes Every PC User Makes When Selecting Security Software

Security is a very important aspect that we can’t ignore while using digital media and devices. Especially when we connect to the internet which is full of unknown hackers and intruders. Every day millions of viruses have been detected. It is therefore undoubted that a good security program is much needed for every single digital device.

When you scan the market, you will find unlimited options for security software. Some are well featured and budget-friendly. You can find a good collection of such tools here. But which Antivirus is exactly right for you is still difficult to figure out among the hundreds of options around. 

To sort out your choices, we have written some mistakes that you should avoid while selecting the right security program.

Mistake 1 – Virus Detection Ability

A good antivirus program is expected to detect all types of known and unknown threats hidden in your device. The detection rate of anti-virus programs must be as high as possible. Ideally, the detection rate of any antivirus program must be higher than the 95% mark. If it is not so, remove the vendor immediately out of your list.

Mistake 2 -Multiple Layer Protection

The defense system of antivirus must be so strong that it offers security in multiple layers rather than just scanning the virus for a few known threats. The role of the antivirus is not just detecting the threats but also providing protection from sketchy websites and harmful viruses.

A good antivirus should offer you double scanning technology, the maximum detection of suspicious software, and block suspected activities.

Mistake 3 – SSL Inspection

Almost all websites today are certified by SSL. SSL is a protocol especially developed for Web Services to make sure that all the content which is transferred through the internet is encrypted. This helps to prevent the data from being read by intruders.

Some of the anti-virus programs have a default feature of scanning the website for checking any kind of threats or viruses. But SSL hinders this process of the antivirus program as it encrypts the data transfer. For this, anti-virus programs have to install proxy settings. 
However, this is not considered safe because when things may go wrong, it may create big trouble.

Because using proxy SSL settings may provide a clear way to intruders and malware to enter into your system. Alternatively, it is suggested to rely on DNS-based filtering. It would be safe if you do not use SSL proxy and to avail SSL cert, you can try SSL certificate if you have not yet installed it on the server.

You can go with a single domain, cheap wildcard SSL, or multi-domain SSL as per the website’s need. Also, low-cost SSL providers are there in the industry.

Mistake 4 – Behaviour Blocker

Detecting the routine threats and known Malware is no surprise by any antivirus software. But only a few of them are effective in combating with the new entrants in the virus family. Such viruses are so quick that it may take just a few minutes to spread in all the devices across the globe even before the vendor can figure out the situation. 

To escape from such a situation, your antivirus should have the proper feature of protecting your device from zero-day threat. This is one of the very big mistakes usually people make while selecting their security software.

Mistake 5 – Privacy

Have you ever thought about how your antivirus software vendor may collect your data? Yes, it is true, there are many vendors who collect data of the users in order to make updates in their program. You need to keep a check on your privacy that your data must not be misused by these vendors. 

It is the responsibility of the vendor to make use of your data ethically and securely. This is very crucial for businesses that keep hundreds of private and confidential data on a daily basis. They may result in suffering a big loss If the data and privacy will be compromised.

So, next time when you are choosing your antivirus program do not commit a mistake of ignoring the privacy factor.

Mistake 6 – False Detection

False detection means when an antivirus program alleged an innocent program as a malicious virus. This must have to be checked while selecting the right security program. The technical jargon for this is called ‘False Positive’.

This may result in a loss, if an important file may be wiped out from your system just because your anti-virus program has detected it as a ‘False Positive’. Many times this may also affect the performance of the security software. 

Some of the vendors have fixed the threshold limit for preventing this but on the other hand, it lowers the detection rates. In other words, you should get an antivirus program that keeps the right balance between false positives and good detection rates.

Mistake 7 – Usability Is Important Rather Than Aesthetics.

Rather than focusing on the aesthetics of the anti-virus software, you should check out the usability and user-friendly interface of it. It should offer you all the necessary setting features that are needed to customize the software according to your desired need. Never assume an antivirus program and an excellent one if it offers a lot of features unless they are functional for you.

Mistake 8 – Essential Features

An antivirus program should have all the necessary features that are needed for any device protection. The common features are content blockers, Firewalls, parental control, cloud backup, Password Manager, and similar security tools.

You have to check that your antivirus program is having the features that are needed for you. For instance, there is no use of Parental Control if you do not have kids. Likewise, there is no need for a backup feature if you are already using third-party backup.

In short, you should go with an antivirus program that provides only the necessary features for your use rather than unwanted bloat.

Mistake 9 – Reviews

Not all of us are keenly interested in keeping the updates of antivirus programs available in the market unless we are professionally associated with it.

This is the reason that generally, we do not keep ourselves updated with the latest in and out of the antivirus industry. For this, the best thing is to check out the customer reviews and ratings for any particular antivirus program.

Mistake 10 – Support 

You need to have a support team more than just an auto-responder email and chatbots. In the event of an actual crisis, they don’t work at all. Nothing would be better than any real human support system that is available round the clock at your service.

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Ifeanyi Okondu
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