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10 Tips to hire Android developers

Android development has transformed the mobile development industry in various ways, especially by bringing in creative user interface designs, innovative UX and privacy features with Android OS updates every year. It is now becoming one of the top choices for business owners in developing a mobile app.

On a global scale, there are more than 3.8 billion smartphone users, the majority of them being Android phone owners. This whopping figure is expected to mushroom to 7.5 billion users by 2026. These figures are evident enough that android app development is expected to reach new heights in the coming years. 

Tips to hire the best developers for android development

Mobile app technology has grown tremendously over the years and customers’ expectations have grown with Android apps as well. In the quest of delivering the best to their customers, business owners and budding entrepreneurs are always looking for the best android app developers in the market. The requirement specifications and the idea of an app always aid in its success but the developers that work on the project are the real dealbreakers. Thus, here are some helpful tips to hire the best developers in the industry. 

  1. Hire a team of developers based on their skills and experience 

The aptitudes needed for android app development roles include various specific skills and ample experience. The essential skills required for android development include technical skills as well as team-based skills. These fundamental technical skills and experience are crucial for proficient android development. 

Therefore, it is important to hire android app developers based on their technical skills and experience in your industry. Your eligible candidate should delineate technical skills in various areas based on the software developer role you are hiring.  

  1. Inquire about the developers you want to work with

Many businesses hire freelancers for their android development projects without gathering any prior knowledge about the client. Therefore, while hiring developers, one must connect with the developers or the development team and inquire about them accordingly. If you don’t want to take risks with freelancers, you can look out for a team of experienced android app developers who have lent their expertise in android development to businesses across various industry verticals across the globe. 

  1. Check their portfolio and past projects

A developer’s portfolio is a website or amalgamation of their best works, past projects, and talents. This is where you can get a glimpse of their skills and their enthusiasm for their profession. While a technical resume may have enough theoretical display of skills and education, the answer to how to hire android app developers that are the best in the market lies in their respective portfolios. By checking this portfolio, you get an overview of their past projects and you can understand their approach and quality of work. 

  1. Don’t make cost your primary focus

In the quest of hiring a cost-effective app development company, many entrepreneurs end up with low-quality software which in turn may affect their business negatively. Hence, instead of focusing on the cost and hiring low-budget developers, you can hire a team of android app developers that hold the knowledge and command of developing high-quality software. 

You may find some developers in the market with cheap offers with a promise of high-quality products and in the end, run away keeping your project unfinished. Moreover, you must be aware of such scams and always make a budget beforehand. As most experienced developers know their worth and wouldn’t charge lower than the market price and that’s something to consider wisely. 

  1. Refer to their past clients

There are a lot of factors and models you need to consider before hiring an app development company, but the most vital factor is to refer to their past clients. By referring to their previous clients, you’ll come to know how exactly the developers have worked in their past projects. These insights help in knowing whether they are responsive and adaptable to the ever-challenging solutions required for the success of a software development project. 

  1. Make sure they are well versed in open source platforms

Android development requires developing software or an application catering to users’ requirements and demands. Therefore, it is crucial for developers to be well versed in open-source platforms. You can look out for software development companies that are familiar with such platforms and have a sound knowledge of multiple open-source libraries. 

  1. Check if they use an agile development method

When it comes to android development, adhering to a well-defined methodology enables android app developers to deliver quality systems while keeping the clients up to date with the latest updates. The agile development method produces all vital metrics and aids in calculating development teams’ performance. By checking whether your potential developers use an agile development methodology, you can quickly identify bottlenecks in the software development process and make data-driven decisions accordingly. 

  1. Look out for an experienced web development company

In android app development processes, experience speaks for itself. If the team of developers you are planning to hire come along with extensive experience, it speaks a lot about their success rate. In such cases, hiring an experienced and reputable web development company is a wise option. 

When you interact with an experienced software development team, you can tap into the pool of talents that understand your business thoroughly and advise workflow systems for your project accordingly. Additionally, they can use their past experiences and present innovative solutions that work best in your business industry. 

  1. Sign privacy agreements like NDA

One of the most negligible but crucial aspects of android development projects is signing privacy agreements such as NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement). There are a bunch of programmers that may sell your source code for other projects. When you get something as tailor-made as software development for your business, you own all the rights to it. 

Therefore, it is necessary to put such points in writing and ask your potential developers to sign them. You must discuss signing such agreements before the project kickstarts and make sure it doesn’t have any loopholes to avoid any future discrepancies. By signing an NDA, you seal the safety of your confidential business data and information. 

  1. Ask for post-maintenance services 

Post maintenance services are a vital part of the android app development cycle. It modifies and strives to improve the software with the help of feedback to diminish all possible malfunctions. These services not only improve the efficiency of an application but also aids in quality system performance.

Before finalizing the development company for your business project, one last step is to discuss the post-maintenance services and tasks. Consulting such services ensures regular app testing, bug fixing, maintenance, feedback support, and much more after the delivery of the project. 


Hiring developers is considered one of the most challenging and daunting tasks for any entrepreneur or business owner embarking on the journey of mobile app development. However, with our tips, proper research and efforts to analyze certain things, you can hire the best developers from the market. 

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim Nnamdi is the CTO of Foxstate, a platform that powers digital infrastructures for Real estate financing globally. He has over 8 years of Software Engineering and CyberSecurity expertise.

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