Technology20 Life-Enhancing Technology Habits

20 Life-Enhancing Technology Habits

Technology makes life more comfortable, but at the same time, it comes with a few challenges. It is such an essential aspect that students get expected to read and write about tech with valuable tips from the best essay help. The good thing about technology is, it keeps evolving with new tools that can help out. Here are some tools and practices to help you out.

  1. Control your Office Computer Remotely

Use the LogMeIn or TightVNC software to access your office computer via your pc at home. It can save you money, and even time in case you forgot to do something crucial at work. You can also sync your office and home files using FolderShare on Microsoft to have easy access.

  1. Have an Automated Hard-Disk Backup 

Install a backup software like SyncBackSE and set a regular backup on your devices to an external network drive or thumb drive. Mozy home and Carbonite offer sever space. 

  1. Work Faster without Using a Mouse

Keyboard shortcuts make work easier when a mouse is not available. A software like Launchy for Windows and Quicksilver for Mac can aid in opening documents and other advanced commands using just the keyboard. You can also use TypeItIn for Windows and TypeIt4Me for Mac to automatically give key combinations.

  1. Stay Fit, Lose Weight, Check Mileage and Save Money

Web services have come up that keep people on check about their health. Weight watchers and FitDay make it easier to maintain a regular exercise and diet regime. MyMileMarker or Fuelly keeps you aware of your mileage and the amount of fuel used. Use Wesabe or to for better use of money

  1. Empty your Inbox Regularly 

Deleting unnecessary mails and saving the important ones in categories makes work easy and keeps your emails organized. Create folders for the rest and categorize them appropriately. 

  1. Organize your cables

Labeling the cables using sticker labels makes it easier to identify them and avoid unplugging the wrong ones. You can also get a cable tray that keeps the cables off the ground.

  1. Keep a To-Do List to Help You Stay on Track

Having a to-do list ensures that you do not forget anything. The best tool for this is the RTM, which you can sync with other people and have them help you out. It also gives the option of crossing out activities when you’re done.

  1. Use an iPod of Thumb Drive instead of a Laptop

Laptops are a bit cumbersome a software like U3 or MojoPac allows you to carry a whole desktop in a simple USB drive. A host computer is, however, needed. Another option is carrying free portable applications.

  1. Use Your Phone to Take and store Photos

Put your phone camera into good use by taking photos of relevant things like where you park, a label of your friend’s or spouse’s best wine, among other things.

  1. Come up with a Price-Protection Method

Using engines such as the saves money, it monitors a large number of stores with the protector policy. If a commodity’s price goes down after purchasing, the store owes you money. 

  1. Merge Multiple Emails Using Gmail

The Gmail in-built Mail Fetcher can retrieve mail messages from five email accounts with the aid of the POP3 standard. You can receive your messages in on inbox, including non-Gmail accounts. You can also send mails to no-Gmail accounts.

  1. Never Forget Important Dates

Set reminders for tasks and dates like birthdays and appointments using the Google Calendar or other task manager engines

  1. Remember Passwords

With the world going digital, there are lots of passwords. Use KeePass is free and secure and store all your passwords and pins that you might forget.

  1. Encode Private Files

Everyone has an important file that they would not want to share. The TrueCrypt software stores private documents in a virtual space which is only accessible by entering a master password

  1. Use your Tivo, Xbox 360, Wii, or your PlayStation 3 to Watch and Listen to Content from the Computer

By connecting your gaming box to your PC, you can watch and listen to music without a digital TV or a set box. 

  1. Online TV and Music

It is possible to watch free TV online using sites like Joost, Comcast’s Fancast, and Hulu. And for Music from Slacker, Pandora, or Deezer

  1. Firefox Keywords for Faster Browsing

Firefox keywords aid in navigating the web pages instantly, and by keying (Ctrl-L), then the page of interest that does not need searches directs you to the page of interest immediately.

  1. Improve your signals using firmware or an Aluminum Foil

You can extend or improve your internet bandwidth using firmware or an aluminum foil.

  1. Techniques to Identify Files and Web Pages

It is achievable by using the addition sign subtraction or the quote marks. You can get a recipe with what you have in your fridge by simply typing the word recipe and including the ingredients.

  1. Cost-effective Printing

Setting your printer to the lowest quality and setting a double side print can save you a lot. If possible, compress your document.


Technology is enjoyable when you know what to use and how to use it effectively.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh
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