9 Best Mi TV Features and Tips You Should Know

Whenever one thinks of affordable smart TVs, Xiaomi is the first company that comes to mind. Xiaomi has built a reputation for providing TVs with top-notch features at a very modest price — a perfect combination to dominate the Indian smart TV market. Xiaomi offering various smart tvs you can purchase on easy Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

9 Best Mi TV Features and Tips You Should Know

Here is everything you need to know about Mi TVs.

1. Modern design with bezel-less display

Xiaomi TVs, with their bezel-less design, can be the perfect addition to every modern home. The shiny frame gives the product a classy look that makes them stand out from the rest. The TVs also have some of the highest screen-to-body ratios in the TV industry. The Mi 55 inch QLED 4K TV offers a spectacular screen-to-body ratio of 96 percent. This gives you an extensive display area, so that you can enjoy an immersive visual experience and make the most of the TV’s large display.

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2. Vivid Picture Engine

The picture quality is an important aspect of every TV. Mi’s advanced Vivid Picture Engine recognizes a wide gamut of colours. This is a major reason why TV produces breathtaking images that have life-like colours. The algorithm is also designed to bring in the perfect ratio of brightness, contrast and sharpness levels that create vivid and bright images on the screen. Furthermore, the technology is also efficient at upscaling grainy, low-quality images to improve their clarity.

3. Smooth motion

Xiaomi TVs are backed by a MEMC chip that is an expert at rendering high-speed graphics. The TVs thus promise blur-free and lag-free visuals when you’re enjoying thrilling games and action-packed movies. These MEMC chips also do a great job at bringing fluidity to videos that have a low frame rate.

4. Powerful speakers and immersive audio experience

The sound experience that your TV offers is as important as the visual experience. Mi TVs have multiple features in place that guarantee an exceptional audio-visual experience. To begin with, the TVs are equipped with powerful 20W or 30W speakers which produce enough sound for large living rooms.

These speakers are often arranged in a 6 speaker system that works in collaboration to produce a centralized stereo sound system. The system has an impressive bass response that produces a powerful sound output. At the same time, the speakers also produce crisp noise that enhances your aural experience.

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Additionally, cutting-edge technologies such as Dolby Audio are also effective in reducing distortions and creating an uninhibited dynamic range. This further elevates your aural experience.

5. PatchWall 3.0 with a large content catalogue

The upgraded PatchWall 3.0 is a content-friendly interface based on Android OS. The interface lets you curate a personalized list of content without any app barriers. With Mi TVs, you can create a unique watch-list that can consist of shows and movies from apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Zee5 etc. PatchWall also comes with features and shortcuts that can make using the TV much easier.

6. Built-in Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a feature that can take your TV viewing experience to a whole new level. You use the personal assistant to do a number of things, such as searching for information on Google, set a reminder, open an app, play a movie and more. All of this can be done just by voice commands, and doesn’t require you to manually pick up the remote. You can also use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to manage and monitor other smart devices such as smart lamps and smart locks.

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7. Ample number of ports

Shortage of ports can cause a lot of disruptions in day-to-day activities. Mi TVs are equipped with sufficient ports to connect your set-top box, PlayStation, smartphones and more. These TVs usually have multiple HDMI and USB ports, along with an optical jack.

8. Smart recommendations and universal search option

Redmi TVs have a sophisticated algorithm that can recommend content on the basis of your previous watch history. This amazing feature can be useful in introducing new movies and TV shows to you. These TVs also have a universal search bar that allows you to search for content across apps.

9. Turn on Kids Mode

With the rapid advancements made in TV technology, providing a safe online environment for kids has been a major concern for parents. Mi TVs come with Kids Mode which also has a parental lock. The mode filters out any content that might be inappropriate for kids to watch. It has a Safe Universal Search feature that blocks out such content from search results as well.


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