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Why do so many online slots carry an Irish Theme?

by Daniel Odoh
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When browsing the web to sort through all of your favourite online slot games like White Wizard, you will always come across a few themes that are so prevalent and pretty much dominate the scene.

Any hardened veteran igamer will be able to spot the main themes from a mile off; safari adventures, classic slot fruit machines, fantasy themes, gangsters, and, the most common, Irish-themed slots.

Irish-themed online slot games seem to be the most abundant of them all and it can leave players wondering why so many online slot games use this Irish theme. Is it because of the charming characters and mythical beings, or the vast amounts of gold and jewels that are on offer, or is it simply because the Irish theme in online slot games is tradition?

What are the Main Notable Aspects of an Irish-themed Online Slot Game?

Online slot games that are themed to be Irish will always have a few key features that make them stand out as exactly what the games are.

We know that safari-themed online slots will usually have a whacky animal character to guide you through the jungle to prizes, fantasy-themed slots will always have those uniquely brilliant creatures that make all of your wildest dreams come true, but what are the main aspects of an Irish themed online slot game?

  • Leprechauns – If we go through this whole article without even mentioning Leprechauns in Irish-themed online slot games then we would have to be mad. This little fella from Irish folklore has managed to penetrate into slot games because of their charm, wit, and devilishness!
  • Pots of Gold – Ireland is renowned for its geographical beauty, and that comes from its landscapes and rainbows… and at the bottom of a rainbow is always a pot of gold! Irish-themed online slot games will tend to guide you through the fantastic geography of Ireland with the aim of getting you to that oozing pot of gold at the end.
  • Shamrocks – When we think of luck we think of horseshoes, crossed fingers, and, of course, the four-leafed clover – otherwise known as a shamrock in Ireland. Shamrocks are so prevalent in Irish-themed online slot games because of their tradition to bring luck to whoever beholds it due to their rarity.

Should you Play Irish -Themed Online Slot Games?

If you have not tried an Irish-themed online slot game and are reading this thinking that it could be the one for you then check out our pros and cons list for Irish-themed online slot games to help you decide:

Irish-Themed Slot ProsIrish-Themed Slot Cons
You will get to meet interesting and inventive charactersAll the games do look curiously similar to other Irish-themed online slots
Who could say no to trying their hand a winning that pot of gold?Some of the bonus rounds are not nearly as exciting as other themed slot games
The Irish-themed online slot game will always have a place in slot game traditionThe prizes may not be the best on the market

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