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Major Skills You Will Learn While Preparing for Microsoft MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams Exam with Practice Tests

by Daniel Odoh
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Becoming a certified Teams Administrator is the main goal of many IT specialists. Getting the relevant certificate proves their skills and shows that they are ready to deal with the tasks required for this role. These individuals have the ability to manage Microsoft Teams and facilitate efficient collaboration in a AZ-204 environment.

If you want to have the same skills and become a certified professional, Microsoft offers to take the MS-700 exam.

Microsoft MS-500: Managing Microsoft Teams is the only test from the associate-level path, which is needed to become a Teams Administrator. This 100-minute exam evaluates all the skills covered in the track and you can gain them while learning the topics. Therefore, you need to master these topics and be sure that you possess the following skills:

  • Troubleshooting client issues as well as audio and video problems A potential candidate needs to have the skills in finding issues and identifying, collecting, and interpreting client logs.

You should also be able to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams sign-in issues, chat and presence issues. Besides that, you have to know how to use Call Quality Dashboard, AZ-304 , and Call Analytics;

  • Managing meeting experiences This area includes your knowledge of meeting settings and policies, conference bridges, live events settings, and policies as well as your ability to configure them;
  • Planning for channels and managing them It is important to have the skills in creating channels and Microsoft Teams policies for the private channels. An individual needs to know how to manage Microsoft Teams channel settings as well;
  • Configuring Microsoft Teams devices and managing them Knowing how to configure Microsoft Teams for VDI and manage device settings and firmware is also vital. You should also have knowledge of the management of configuration profiles and device tags;
  • Planning network settings and configuring them The potential applicants for Microsoft AZ-400 should have the skills in analyzing the network usage and using Network Planner.

You should also be able to configure Tenant Data Upload, reporting labels for Microsoft Teams, and Tenant Data Upload in Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard. It is also important to know how to assess network readiness and use Microsoft 365 network connectivity test and dashboard;

  • Creating teams and managing them This domain requires your full understanding of the creation of teams, configuration of the dynamic membership, management of the privacy levels for a team, and assignment along with the modification of the user roles in a team.


Having all the required skills for the certification test is the task that you need to fulfill to be able to pass the exam with AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals . That is why it is important to learn the topics covered in the test and master them. Therefore, you need to use several preparation options to study from all sides and be ready for any question in the test. So, get what you need to gain the skills that will enhance your career!

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