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Crypto alert and how can investors benefit from it?

by Micheal Nosa
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The Crypto Alert app is your own alert system for daily cryptocurrency signals. It provides free fundamental and technical stock and cryptocurrency data for cryptos. You will be spared the hassle of conducting research, the error of guessing, and the loss of cryptocurrencies. The app offers stock or cryptocurrency alerts, free stock tracking, and sophisticated bitcoin, or eth quotations across all cryptocurrency exchanges.

Before purchasing a token, you may use tools such as a coin alerter, quantitative statistics, a freemium chart, and a crypto analyzer to enhance your cryptocurrency exchange abilities and learn something about trading in the cryptocurrency industry.

Key Levels and Cryptographic Analysis

You may examine any currency at any time and from any location. A technical analysis algorithm built by skilled swing traders is used to provide stock or cryptocurrency analysis.

Before you acquire coins or develop stock or crypto portfolios, stock or cryptoanalysis can assist you to assess and detecting short-term momentum.

Tracker for Cryptocurrencies

Everything is in one place: all bitcoin rates and graphs from all markets. Different data help you view the stock or cryptocurrency market in a new context, and the competitive economy inside and share or cryptos monitor will let you decide when to participate.

You may make many more stock or cryptocurrency watchlists as you wish and arrange them into various groups or wallets. Free stock or cryptocurrency charts and watchlists might assist you in becoming an expert stock or cryptocurrency tracker.

Alerts on Cryptocurrencies

The Notification tool will send you an alert when the optimal time to be buying stock or cryptos is Extensive research and analysis on your behalf. Users will receive daily stock or cryptocurrency price alerts detailing what to purchase when to buy, or when to sell.

The Crypto Signal feature will assist you in managing your stock or cryptocurrency investments while on the road.

Customized Watchlists

Create your own unique watchlist for bitcoin, cryptos, or other equities you choose, just as you would for the stock market. Expert monitoring design allows you to access the tiny chart, making it simple to reflect your watchlist tags on your thumbs.

How does copy trader work?

How does copy trader work

Copy crypto traders connect part of your portfolio with the portfolio of the trader of your choice.

After placing a copy trade, all open positions in your portfolio will be copied to your account. Consequently, your subsequent positions are also copied on your account.

For example: In an Exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You find a good investor and you want to copy the trade from that person’s portfolio

Copy trader consider setting some of the following parameters:

  • Copy Quantity: The quantity you want to set for each copy operation. When you choose the copy amount of 1000 USDT, the investor you copy depends on how much the order amount in your order is only 1000 USDT. And I recommend using only 10% of the capital to be safe.
  • Maximum number of copies per day: If the volume of the transaction exceeds this number, there will be no more copies.

And there are many parameters to consider depending on the trading platform that supports copy trading.

How can investors benefit from it?

A new platform known as Tycoon has been created to make copy trading easier, specifically for those in the crypto market. 

New investors can be intimidated by the volatility of cryptocurrencies, which creates additional risk for them when entering this space. Therefore, by leveraging this tool, users can gain confidence in crypto trading through insight into professional trading moves taken directly from more experienced traders.

Tycoon aims to provide its users with a simple, fully automated and time-saving cryptocurrency trading experience through its social trading platform.

  • Use your existing funds without them leaving the exchange

Investors who want to take advantage of Tycoon don’t even need to transfer liquidity to the platform; it’s all done through API integration. In this way, users retain control over where their funds are stored by choosing which exchange to connect with the Tycoon API.

Additionally, this interface allows data to travel between Tycoon and the exchange, capturing and processing professional transactions in real time. Of course, these operations are carried out in the real portfolio of the professional trader.

  • Select Traders Based on Actual Results

To help your investors find the right traders to follow, past results from Tycoon’s featured traders are collected, verified and presented in its simple user interface. 

This data can be easily accessed and filtered and includes statistics such as merchant earnings, total transactions, and how many followers they have on Tycoon.

Specific traders can be found using the search tab and once followed can be monitored for as long as the follower wishes. If the trader’s strategies are not satisfactory, he can stop following them at any time.

  • Security of your assets and data

With Tycoon’s optional stop-loss feature, you can only lose as much money as you allow. Once your allocated capital drops below a predetermined value, that trader is automatically followed, all open orders are canceled and their trades will no longer be copied to your portfolio.

You can then “convert to USDT” or hold the last wallet copied when the Stop Loss was triggered. To ensure the validation of personal data of new customers and to prevent money laundering, verifications through KYC (Know Your Customer) are required for all Tycoon users, as this also improves the security and reliability of the platform. , providing access to trading and reading the trader’s portfolio.

  • Investors will then see statistics and charts

Investors will then see statistics and charts based on performance and diversification to see where their money is going. Traders never receive access to any of this personal data, and each Tycoon user appears under an alias. Every merchant in Tycoon appears under an alias; and will only recognize each user on the platform through their usernames and business metrics.

Similarly, the platform is non-custodial, so all users have full ownership of their funds, further highlighting Tycoon’s reliability.

Before market manipulations have a chance to manifest themselves, Tycoon uses several self-developed algorithms to effectively prevent this from happening on their platform. These algorithms can also detect and highlight traders trying to manipulate the market before they can abuse the platform.

  • Start soon to keep 100% of your winnings

Tycoon is currently launching with a “zero fee” offer for now, and if you stake more than 8,000 TYC (Tycoon native token) on the platform, you can use Tycoon for free and keep all your winnings.

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