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How to start creating easy video game ideas?

by Daniel Odoh
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Whenever it comes to newcomers and game development, there are various myths to debunk and truths to emphasize. However, most of the time, game creation is less about technical coding and more about having a fundamental understanding of the development process and comprehending the game’s rules.

No matter what style you choose to work with, concept art or other elements, modern or realistic, with RetroStyle Games, there is a lot to learn.

Now, everyone’s learning curve for game production is different, but some things must always be taken care of in a systematic manner. If newcomers do not keep these elements in mind, their process may encounter early stumbling blocks.

It may appear to be common knowledge, but you would be amazed how many people forget or overlook these facts despite working long hours in the industry.

5 Skills You Can Practice With Video Game Projects

It’s one thing to know about gaming systems and trends, but it’s another to devote time to producing and designing games and generating game ideas. The top five talents you’ll need to practice to successfully complete video game projects and earn a job in the game development industry are listed below.

  • Game development. To work in game development, you must first learn game programming languages. You must study common programming languages such as C#, Python, JavaScript, and HTML5.
  • Animation in 2D and 3D. To become a video game animator, you must master 2D and 3D animation techniques. In addition, you should be familiar with Adobe Animate CC, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Game Design. To work in game design like a designer video game, you must have knowledge of graphic design, character design, gameplay, game strategy, and game currency, and know the game design’s meaning.
  • Game Writing Capabilities To become a game scriptwriter, you must first master storyboarding, narrative, character dialogue, and gameplay.
  • Game Engine Capabilities Popular game engines are heavily used in the game development and game design sectors. To demonstrate your video game project talents, you must master Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, and GameMaker.

Beginners’ Video Game Project Ideas

The finest video game project ideas or first game ideas for beginners focus on the fundamentals of storytelling, game development, character development, and game design. You must also have a working grasp of common game engine platforms in addition to these talents.

When it comes to game production, newcomers can’t wait to get started without knowledge of video game designer definitions and other important things. However, with all due regard to your future objectives, it is always preferable to begin modestly and then progress further based on your experience.

Begin your development work with a simple game like Tetris, which is ideal for beginners, especially if you are utilizing a new tool. The traditional game contains all of the necessary ingredients for a great game:

  • A game loop that only terminates when the user quits; the potential to make it more appealing through the use of graphic features and animations;

So, always try to start with a game like Tetris, which is simple to learn and provides comprehensive experiential learning.

Game Boards

This beginner’s game project and easy video game ideas are intended for newcomers who want to learn about the gaming industry and strategies. You will first make a paperback version of a board game before programming it with a micro: bit according to your specifications.

Popular games such as Catan and Scrabble can inspire tabletop game ideas. In addition, adding campaign marketing talents to your portfolio will help you become a freelance game developer or designer. So, when working on this project, look at board game campaigns.

Characters from a video game

A video game character’s visual and graphic design features are crucial in every game. To capture a user’s complete attention, whether it’s a cheerful cartoon game or an instructive computer game, you must build an appropriate character design. This project helps you hone the skills required to enter the game creation industry.

To complete this project, you will need to learn the fundamentals of graphic design, animation, computer programming, and elements of video game design. Adobe Illustrator will be used to generate 3D digital characters. Remember the character narrative, surrounding silhouette, backdrop image, character poses, and character intricacy when developing your video game character. 


Game creation is a competitive skill, and newcomers must master it thoroughly and step by step and learn video game design theory to become good developers. Now that we’ve included some of our favorite game development tips, we hope they’ll be helpful to you in your quest to become a great developer. You can skip these phases, like the game design wiki, and start with basic Unity development tools, but your options will be limited. Why not learn to use game development to its most significant potential and unleash your creative side?

So, my young gaming disciples, try these tips, and may the chances always be to your advantage!

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