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5 Air Conditioner Tips to Cool Your Senses

The air conditioner is one of the most luxurious home appliances, as it helps beat the heat by providing us with cool, dry air that makes summer nights much more enjoyable. As with any home appliance, you will want to care for your air conditioner so here are a few tips to keep your air conditioner in great condition longer. 

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  1. Feel: the Cool Air

The main reason you bought an air conditioner unit is for its cooling system, and feeling the cool air on your skin makes you forget the heat of the sun outside. It can be particularly frustrating when the air conditioner can’t cool the room properly, but there are a few reasons other than the unit malfunctioning that may be the underlying cause.

First, check if all your doors and windows are shut. The cool air can escape through these passageways, and get replaced by the warm air from outside. Keep these passages closed, and it may help to draw the curtains as well. 

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Otherwise, you may check if the horsepower of your new unit can keep up with the size of the room, as the bigger the room, the more horsepower is needed to keep it cool. Check if your air conditioner is flowing out cool air to know if the unit works properly. 

  1. See: the Condition of Your Unit
The Condition of Your Unit
The Condition of Your Unit

Take a look at your unit. Does it have layers of dust in its vents, or is it all scratched up? Taking care of your air conditioner means keeping it clean and in good condition. 

One great way to clean your AC unit is to wipe it down daily with a damp cloth to remove any dust the vents may have sucked up. Remove the filter, and wash it under some soap and water every two weeks. If the pollution level in your area is quite high, you may need to clean the filter once a week to remove the accumulated dust.

  1. Smell: for Odours

Are odours coming from your air conditioner? Immediately turn off the aircon unit especially when the odour smells like burning gas, rotten eggs, or has a skunk-like smell. These are all indications of a gas leak, and anything that smells like it’s burning probably is. Contact an HVAC technician immediately, and unplug the machine.

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Do not attempt to diagnose and fix the problem yourself, as the electrical components of a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be extremely dangerous to the untrained eye. You may also end up damaging your AC unit more as you attempt to tinker with the mechanisms.

Instead, have a good, reliable HVAC technician or repair company on hand for cases like these. When you first purchase your air conditioning unit, you can already ask around for a reputable repair company that can service your area. 

  1. Listen: for Strange Sounds

Any strange sounds coming from your air conditioner are a cause for concern, as there may be something rattling inside that has either made its way into your cooling system or fell apart from the internal mechanisms of your unit. Either way, best to unplug the machine and contact a professional repair service to diagnose the problem.

Don’t put off having your air conditioner checked. While it may seem like a hassle to have to get your unit fixed, repairs caught early will save you time and money in the long run, especially if the problem is an essential part of the mechanical system that had fallen off and rattled inside.

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Additionally, you should confirm that the sound is coming from your air conditioner and not the surrounding environment before you take the time to have your unit checked. If you can, record the sound so you can play it to the technician for an easier and faster diagnosis. 

  1. Taste: the Frost in the Air

While it may sound strange, we’re referring to the condensation of your breath when you exhale in a cold setting. If you’re at the point where you can see your own breath as you stay in an air-conditioned room, then it’s time to turn up the heat in your air conditioning unit to keep it from breaking down and freezing. 

You may be using your air conditioning during the winter months, and while this may be favourable for you, using an air conditioning unit in the extreme cold can freeze water inside the unit and cause the unit to malfunction. Keep your air conditioner at a moderate but comfortable temperature instead to keep it running smoothly. 

As much as possible, avoid using your cooling system during the winter months, and care for your unit even when not in use by shovelling snow from the outdoor unit or covering the unit to protect it from the freezing winds. 

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