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5 Best Programming Software

Today there are quite a few programs that can help anyone who wants to learn or learn about something that interests him. It can be anything: from drawing the simplest pictures step by step to the most complex formulas of physics that will be useful to you, for example, when writing a thesis or something like that.

Programming can also be learned using apps. There are many applications for computers, phones and other devices that will expand and improve your knowledge and skills; they will show you something new, unusual. These apps can be paid or free. Their use is as effective as trading cryptocurrency through ICOholder. Just as people can get rich off the price fluctuations of Bitcoin or Litecoin, they can improve their knowledge and skills in a specific field that interests them.

Of course, beginners start with simple applications and assignments in a specific area of ​​programming, and most often use basic applications that are either cheap or free.

So, here are the top 5 programs to help you with programming, code / website creation, etc.:

Adobe Muse

Free website builder

Adobe Muse is the latest development of the well-known Adobe company. A program designed for simple and quick visual creation of complete sites. Knowledge of any programming languages ​​is not required for this. At the moment, the program is free, as it is at the beta testing stage.

Features of Adobe Muse:

  • Creative Cloud with the capabilities of all Adobe Systems applications
  • Missing templates
  • Creation of online stores up to 50 positions
  • English-speaking technical support only
  • It is possible to work with various widgets and Html-code for the development of interactive applications on the site. Also in the program, you can work with platforms and libraries when adding navigation elements.
  • Adobe Muse allows the user to create editable widgets such as navigation menus or simple drag and drop.
  • Hover effects, tooltips, slideshows and other customizable interactive elements – all of which the user can add without any problems, quite easily. Adobe Muse allows you to embed HTML snippet templates from a variety of sources, including Facebook, Google Maps, and YouTube. The most significant advantage of the program is that you do not need to know the programming languages ​​in which the sites are written. Adobe Muse is a builder of its kind. You arrange the elements of the future site in the right places, design them to your liking and publish the finished page. all is ready.
Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse

Unity 3D

Popular utility for developing 3D applications and games.

Its Resource Server belongs to a range of full-featured solutions that allow the user to control versions that target all scenarios and game resources.


With this program, you can manage multi-gigabyte projects that are large and complex enough. All owners of this program have the ability to track changes to their resources in the editor. If the files have undergone any changes, their status is updated immediately, automatically.

Features of Unity 3D:

  • Support for importing from a large number of formats;
  • Built-in network support;
  • Drag and drop.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a launching pad for writing, coding, and publishing applications. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a feature rich program that can be used for a variety of software development. In addition to the standard editor and debugger used in most IDEs, Visual Studio includes: code completion, graphical designers and many other features that simplify the development process.

Main advantages:

  • A large number of functions;
  • Debugger for JS;
  • Support for multiple monitors at the same time;
  • Using XML and CSS with split windows;
  • Convenient adjustment of the working area;
  • Advanced constructor and code editor;
  • Ability to develop graphical elements of Windows Forms;
  • Regular automatic updates from the official Microsoft website.

Visual Studio features:

  • Team Foundation Server – real-time collaboration on projects;
  • Automatic software updates from the official website;
  • Creation of applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OS;
  • Using XML and CSS with split windows;
  • Complex debugging and static analysis of source code;
  • Supports programming languages ​​C ++, Visual Basic, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc.


  • Doesn’t work with Windows XP and Vista;
  • There is a paid version of Visual Studio Professional.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is undoubtedly the best IDE for software developers. Efficiency and intelligence are built into the design, resulting in a very smooth development workflow, from design, implementation, build, deployment, testing and debugging to refactoring! It is loaded with features and also offers many plugins that we can integrate into the editor.

IntelliJ IDEA has the most powerful tools for building commercial, mobile and web applications. Receives regular updates from the web for developers. In his arsenal there are useful tools for high-quality analysis and code improvement.

Key Features:

  • Remote access to your projects;
  • Built-in interface designer for Swing;
  • Professional development of Android applications;
  • Allows you to create a program and test it;
  • Convenient hints for parameter names and value types;
  • Support for all the latest Java technologies and frameworks;
  • Pop-up preview function;
  • Works with modern platforms Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Integration with management systems Perforce, Git, Team Foundation Server, Subversion, CSV, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial.
IntelliJ IDEA
IntelliJ IDEA


free development environment for applications win32, Qt, wxWidgets, scripts and pages PHP, html and JavaScript, as well as applications for devices based on Windows Mobile – for example, for a PDA.

HiAsm is not some new programming language, but just a wrapper over regular Pascal. And the compiler is used by FPC (or Delphi). But all the code is hidden from the programmer, all he has to do is connect the components with links, as in a constructor, drawing up program schemes, and HiAsm himself translates everything into the code.Of course, the flexibility of programming suffers a little, but the programmer always has the opportunity to insert Pascal code into the circuit. In addition, Gentee, JavaScript and VBScript code can be inserted into the schema. And all this will be compiled into one program.

HiAsm is a modern multifunctional application builder. You can quickly and easily compose a program, even if you do not have a high level of knowledge of certain languages. With HiAsm, you can create a variety of audio and video players, browsers, online chats. HiAsm is a practical example of the implementation of a Model-Based Architectural Approach, also called Model Driven Development.

The main advantages of the HiAsm program:

  • Cross-platform;
  • Convenient management;
  • Allows you to create a game in 2D and 3D;
  • Collaboration function on a project;
  • Sending your charts by email;
  • High-quality visual programming environment;
  • Drawing your own elements of the graphical interface is available;
  • Expandability by installing additional packages;
  • A wide range of shapes, colors and interface styles of the developed software.

Main functionality:

  • Creation of utilities using databases and graphics;
  • Translation of projects into Free Pascal and Delphi languages;
  • Transferring designs to smartphones (optional);
  • Development of WEB-applications using HTML;
  • Development of background applications, DLLs, etc.

Packages for Windows and Linux platforms allow elements to work with graphical APIs such as OpenGL, GDI (for Windows), Cairo (for Linux), etc. With the help of them, the developer gets the opportunity to create simple 2D and 3D games. It should be remembered that the App Builder is not suitable for creating complex games. his entire arsenal is tailored primarily for application programs.


It is best to approach learning in a holistic manner, for example, by reading / watching online lectures, articles, books. Many sites like GitHub have a huge collection of free programming books. A set of e-books in 24 programming languages ​​is also available. You can use apps and other sources of information to develop your skills even faster. Good luck!

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim Nnamdi is the CTO of Foxstate, a platform that powers digital infrastructures for Real estate financing globally. He has over 8 years of Software Engineering and CyberSecurity expertise.

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