5 Driving Mistakes That Can Cause Accidents

Out of all the drivers licensed to drive on American roads, only a few have escaped being involved in a road accident. In the unfortunate event that you get involved in an accident, you will need the services of an attorney to help you calculate your car accident settlement

Many accidents can be avoided if only drivers would remain on high alert every time they sit behind the steering wheel. This article discusses common mistakes which lead to car accidents.

Why You Need to Stay Alert When Driving   

The cozy driver’s cabin in a modern car can easily cause you to let your guard down when you are on the road. That is quite dangerous, considering that cars can reach high speeds of up to more than 200 miles per hour. Negligence on the road puts the driver, as well as other innocent road users, at risk. If every driver remained alert for the entire driving time, accident rates would be reduced by a significant percentage. Below are 5 avoidable mistakes that distract drivers.

Common Road Mistakes That Cause Accidents  

  1. Operating a Phone When Driving

Some states like Florida have outlawed texting while driving due to the high rates of accidents that result from this mistake. The split second it takes to take your eyes off the road to look at your phone could spell doom for you and other road users.

No matter how eager you are to look at that text message or notification, let it wait until you reach your destination. If you must answer an urgent call, opt for phones with hands-free operation tools that do not require you to take your hands off the steering wheel.

  1. Going Over the Speed Limit

Speed limits are placed on roads to help synchronize the movement of all road users. Driving a fast car on a clear road can tempt you into pushing the pedal to the extent of exceeding the speed limit. High speed reduces the time you have to act in response to changes on the road. Maintaining reasonable speed also enables you to maneuver sharp turns on the road and pay attention to road signs.

  1. Insisting on Driving While Exhausted
Insisting on Driving While Exhausted
Insisting on Driving While Exhausted

Driving continuously for long hours causes fatigue. Staying behind the wheel even when you are tired can cause you to make blunders that you would otherwise avoid. Feeling drowsy when you are driving is one sign that you are too tired to drive. In extreme cases, exhaustion can cause the driver to fall asleep and veer off the road on long drives.

  1. Failing to Adjust to Changes in Weather 

Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain and snowfall cause poor visibility on the road. When driving in such conditions, you need to go slow and observe extra caution due to the increased possibility of getting in an accident. Road surfaces become slippery, causing the wheels to react abnormally. If you don’t adjust your driving style to suit such weather, you will likely have an accident.

  1. Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs       

Irrespective of the many campaigns that advise against drunk driving, many drivers still get caught behind the wheel when they are drunk or high on other drugs. Drunk driving has been criminalized in many states and attracts a hefty fine. Alcohol impairs judgement and slows down brain function. You are more likely to cause an accident when driving while drunk than when driving while sober.

Acting in Response to a Car Accident

Making the right choices on the road can spare your life and the lives of other drivers. However, not every driver takes the necessary precautions. If you are involved in a car accident, you have the right to claim compensation. Contacting a lawyer from a reputable law firm can help you navigate the corridors of justice and win the compensation claim.

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