5 Festive Holiday Ideas for Your Virtual Team

If you are the head of a small business, or even if you are a part of a bigger one, you still want to make sure you are taking care of your people during the holiday season. It may be harder since your team is all virtual, but being away from each other shouldn’t hinder your fun! This may require some planning in advance, so once you finish reading, get to work on the planning! We promise it will be worth the work it will require of you because your team will be thrilled to have a bonding experience even though you aren’t with each other in the office this year. 

Cookie Decorating Competition

Though this year has put a damper on the cookie baking tradition, since you won’t be able to taste test which cookie is superior, you can still judge the cookies based on decorating! Sending out a list of usable items is not a must, though. If you give them creative freedom, they will really be able to express themselves in cookie form, and you may be able to learn something new about them and their interests all through their cookie decorating!

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Gifting Them a Sweater  

Getting them an ugly Christmas sweater is a great way to get them a gift while keeping it light, fun, and silly. Tipsy Elves has so many sweaters to choose from, you are sure to find one for everyone on your team. Get them ordered for them, and have them wear them for the virtual holiday party! They will get to see who has similar taste in sweaters to them and it will be a fun moment to share together.

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Background Decorating Competition 

Is your team still using those digital backgrounds on Zoom where it looks like you are in a scene from The Office, or maybe you have been in the Hogwarts Great Hall, or even riding a rollercoaster? Well, the holiday party is the perfect time for them to come up with the best background possible. If your team is more digitally skilled, have them design a digital backdrop. If they are a more hands-on group, have them use paper, balloons, streamers, holiday decorations, you name it, to create a fun festive holiday background! Then give each of them a moment to explain why they chose what they did and what it means to them. Then have everyone message you privately which background they like best, that way you can virtually crown the winner!

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Sending Them Sweet Treats

Sending Them Sweet Treats
Sending Them Sweet Treats

Normally you get to share snacks in person, but since you can’t this year, sending your team cookies, cakes, or pies (oh my!) from Milk Bar is a great alternative. This makes it so you can all be munching on the same things during the digital office party! Though it wouldn’t be bad to send a healthy option too, we know the people really just want the good stuff! Don’t be afraid to ruin the surprise and ask for exact orders. This will ensure they get exactly what they want. They will be much happier about that, trust us.

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Recipe Exchange

Something that comes along with the Holidays is family traditions. If your work team is more like your work family, then why not make things a little more personal this year. Have each of your people pick one of their family recipes to share with the group. Send them recipe cards in advance, then they can write down the recipes that others share during the exchange. It is a great way to have them share something about themselves, to become closer to their coworkers, and to grow their recipe collection!
We hope you use all 5 and go all out! But, even if you use just 1, your team will love it because it shows that you care about them and are thankful that they are on your team! Happy Holidays!

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