5 Must-Have Real Estate Technology Tools That Every Top Agent Needs

Great real estate agents in high-demand housing markets have gotten creative to make sure they can serve a variety of buyers and sellers. People who are buying from out of state, sellers who want to be as hands-off as possible, and an increasingly picky set of shoppers who really want to be able to decide about a house before they even attend a showing all mean that agents need digital tools to make their work as effective as possible.

Here are just a few options for tech tools that will make your job easier and also make you more responsive to the modern marketplace. 

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A Secure Electronic Signature Subscription

Very few customers, either buyers or sellers, are interested in meeting over and over to sign offer contracts and closing documents in person. While some documents simply must be signed in person, a secure electronic signature tool allows you to create document templates, update them for each client, and email them over for a signature that takes only a few minutes, no meeting needed.

In a world where many homes sell within 24-48 hours of listing, time is of the essence, so getting signatures over the internet rather than in person can be a substantial advantage.

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A Virtual Walkthrough Tool

When shoppers see that there is a virtual walkthrough or video with a home listing, they may be more likely to check it out. Creating virtual walkthroughs and videos takes a little time and you might need to play with the tech in order to get stronger at it, but the additional traffic to your listings can be worth it. 

A Synchronized Note-taking App

While you might not immediately imagine that a note-taking app would be necessary as a real estate agent, but hear us out. Modern apps allow you to have one application that syncs between a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, and phone, meaning that even if you type up some keynotes at home one evening, those notes are safely in your pocket when you are out at showings.

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Having all the data you need is a big part of your reputation as a real estate agent, so consider this tool as a way to keep your stellar record for knowing what you need to know!

A Custom Maps Solution

Many people are impressed if you are willing to make them a custom map through Google Maps or another app in order to showcase the homes you have available to share. These apps can also be a way to showcase what is close to a property, including schools, grocery stores, and green spaces, as part of a wider marketing plan for a home. 

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A Scan-To-PDF Camera Application

It’s very convenient to be able to quickly turn a picture of a document into a pdf, especially if your app even makes the PDFs readable/fillable. By having this app on your phone, you can quickly and easily find a physical copy of something important and get it out to clients in a few seconds as a professional-looking PDF. In a world that is transitioning from all paper to (most likely) all-digital, this hybrid solution saves time in a lot of contexts!

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