5 of the Best Kinds of Tech for Joining the Remote Workforce

More workers than ever before are making their homes into offices. This was a trend even before Covid-19 struck. Now, however, that trend has become a full-fledged revolution.

If you’re part of it, then you could be looking for some of the best kinds of tech that can help you start working from home. We’re here to give you some ideas about the tools you need to keep you focused and productive from your bedroom, living room, or wherever else you’re working in 2020.

Cybersecurity Tools

If you’re part of a newly-formed remote workforce, then one of the things you should focus on is cybersecurity. You might be working with some sensitive data, and you don’t want to present any hackers with a tempting target. That’s why you should consider utilizing things like:

  • A virtual private network
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity software
  • Multi-point network backups

With a VPN, it’s almost impossible for a hacker to access your private data. Multi-factor authentication, when you log into your various accounts, is another must-have for the remote worker.

You can also look into different cybersecurity software from companies like Norton or Avast. They don’t cost very much for subscriptions, and they’re also a tax write-off.

As for multi-point network backups, they ensure continuity. They protect you from user errors, viruses, or malicious cyberattacks.

Engagement and Performance Tools

If you’re working remotely, but a big company still employs you, it can be difficult for your bosses to judge your performance. That’s because:

  • They don’t physically see you every day anymore
  • They see your work, but they don’t know how many hours went into it

You need performance tracking tools to monitor everything from your work hours to your task management. They should also keep track of your coworker interactions on collaborative projects.

The best tools provide something for HR professionals, team leaders, supervisors, and employees like you who are out in the field. There are many different platforms available, so you’ll need to get together with your employer to figure out which one is going to work for you.

Some options might be Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Basecamp, or ProofHub.

Project Management Tools

You might also look into project management tools that can help you to coordinate and balance your workload. There are many virtual project management applications that do away with all in-person meetings and stifling micromanagement.

When you’re looking for these tools, what you want more than anything is a platform that lets you set down your goals and tasks in plain language so that there are no mistakes. It should let you track your progress and what your coworkers are doing as well. Finally, it should allow you to check off the completed work.

If you are using the same project management tools, you can hold each other accountable for missed deadlines. More importantly, your bosses can quickly ascertain when a project is falling behind schedule.

Virtual Communication and Collaboration Tools

For the remote worker, communication and collaboration are everything. You’re going to need email tools, such as Gmail and Outlook.

You will also need Voice over Internet Protocol, that some people refer to as VoIP. However, some workers think this technology is old or outdated.

You also might want a virtual meeting environment like the Slack Chat app, or you might choose to use Skype or Zoom. Whichever one you choose, your goal should be to communicate seamlessly with your coworkers any time that you need to throughout the workday.

Mobile Hardware Tools

If you’re telecommuting, you may not need things like a desk or swivel chair. Some people lie down on their beds with a laptop balanced on their chests and work that way.

What you’ll certainly need, though, are the mobile hardware tools that will allow you to get your work done expediently. You’ll probably want a laptop, though some workers still prefer desktops. You’ll also want a smartphone.

Your company might provide you with these things. If you own them already, but you use them for work, they can be tax write-offs at the end of the fiscal year.

You should have the most up-to-date hardware if you want to be competitive within your niche. If you have a four or five-year-old laptop, it’s probably outdated by today’s standards.

You need access to all of this if you want to be a fully-functional remote worker. If you lack any of it, then talk to your boss about getting it without delay.

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