7 Types of Damages After a Car Accident

No one is ever prepared to handle the aftermath of a car accident. Dealing with physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial burden can be frustrating and scary. However, if the accident resulted from the other driver’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Due to desperation and urgency to raise funds to settle the cost of the accident, some victims settle for less. Car accident compensation is more than medical bills and lost wages.

Graig Swapp, a car accident lawyer in Spokane, advises that in order for you to understand the value of your car accident claim, you’ll need an attorney’s expertise. Car accident lawyers have the tools and experience to address and quantify the total value of your losses. Then negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company until you get your rightful compensation.

Below are different types of compensations after a car accident:

What Are the Different Kinds of Car Accident Damages?

  1. Medical Expenses

Medical expenses include any amount spent in the hospital or towards recovery in relation to the accident. These bills include hospital stays, emergency bills, physical therapy, medication, adaptive equipment, nursing care, and long-term medical care, among others.

It does not matter how expensive the medical care can amount to; the law requires the liable party to compensate you fully. Victims are advised to keep receipts and medical documents as proof.

  1. Physical Pain and Suffering

Suppose the injuries are causing you chronic pain, insomnia, and inability to carry out simple activities like walking, feeding, or visiting the bathroom, you should be compensated for the suffering their negligence caused you.

In many cases, clients who represent themselves are usually unsure how to quantify intangible damage.

  1. Lost Income

After an accident, you can either be forced to take days off from work, lose the ability to work again, or find a different source of income. Any of these situations put you through financial strain, and the bills never stop coming.

Every claim is unique, and the compensation is as well. For instance, if you were a surgeon and lost both arms, you can no longer continue operating. For that, you will receive higher compensation for the loss of future income.

  1. Property Loss

If your car was completely wrecked at the accident or needs to be fixed, that money should not come from your pocket. Even if you use your money to get another car or fix the damaged one, you should be reimbursed.

  1. Emotional Suffering

In addition to physical damages, car accidents cause emotional pain. Many accident victims suffer nightmares, depression, and anxiety. Going through such mental distress makes life difficult to an extent some victims can never drive again.

To get compensated for emotional distress, you need a report from a mental health professional showing that the accident affected you emotionally.

  1. Loss of Consortium

Consortium is a term used to mean companionship between couples. If your spouse suffered injuries that lead to loss of affection, physical intimacy, and care, the affected spouse can make a claim to be compensated for the loss.

  1. Out-of-Pocket Damages

As already mentioned, medical bills are not the only expenses suffered after an accident. You will incur other expenses like purchasing a new phone, Uber charges, accommodation expenses while traveling for treatment, and many more.

Since all these expenses were not planned for, they affect your finances. Therefore, keep all the receipts and present them to the court for compensation.

Do Not Pursue the Compensation on Your Own

Without the help of an experienced car accident attorney, it will be difficult to identify and claim all the damages above.

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Consider hiring one today and let them fight for your compensation as you concentrate on recovery.

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