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9Mobile Free 60GB Internet Subscription

9Mobile Free 60GB Internet Subscription

Givers Never lack they say that is why I have decided to share this with you today.

This trick was initially shared by the owner of Entclass.com, the full credit goes to him.

Are you a 9Mobile user and you have not been enjoying most of their latest free browsing or cheaper browsing updates, then you must have been missing many things.

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This is though not totally free but you have to spend a little buck to get this done and you will flex the trend.

This is a 9Mobile YouTube Videos 2GB daily streaming which cost only NGN500 and you are good to go.

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It means, with just NGN500, 9Mobile will give you 2GB to stream and watch the Favorite video of your choice but this only applies at night, 12am to 5am daily for 30days.
But the reason for this post is that the 2GB powers or work only on the official YouTube app which means it won’t work in other apps on your phone.

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You are stuck with watching just video clips or movies.

Blog The Tech is here to help you get through it so that it can power or work with all your Android app.

Remember that 60GB is calculated 2GB times 30days which will give us 60GB.

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[/media-credit] 9Mobile

How to enjoy the 9mobile Free 60GB.

1. Migrate to 9Mobile MoreCliq Plan.

2. The Migration code is *200*2*2#.

3. Then select the Change to moreCliq option.

4. Then dial *545*3*1# to subscribe to 9Mobile 100% data bonus.

5. Recharge your phone with NGN500.

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6. Subscribe to a 9Mobile Monthly data plan.

The code is *200*3*1#.

7. Select 3 for 500 for 500MB which last for a month only.

8. Download a VPN app called AnonyTun.

9. Install the App.

10. Launch the App.

11. Configure it with these settings.

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AnonyTun Configuration settings for 9mobile free 60gb

  1.  Open the VPN app
  2. Click on Stealth Settings.
  3. Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
  4. Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
  5. Connection Port to 8081.
  6. Turn on PAYLOAD
  7. Next, click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  8. Then use the following settings
  9. URL/Host: myaccount.google.com
  10. Request method: POST.
  11. Set the Injection method: Normal.
  12. Tick: Keep-Alive & User-Agent. (Leave other boxes un-ticked)
  13. Finally, tap on Generate.
  14. Then Save.
  15. then Click the Connect button and wait for the app to start.
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NOTE: When the app connects, don’t close the app, just minimise the app and start enjoying.

But also remember that once it clock !am in the morning or midnight, You can then launch the app which we have configured and started using your free daily 2GB till it clocks 5am.

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Meanwhile, The 500MB which you subscribed for the month won’t be touched and you can use it during the day and night too till it gets exhausted.

If this on How to enjoy the 9mobile Free 60GB post really helps you, you can share it with your friends.

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Copyright Credit to Entclass.com

Download AnonyTun

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