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Insight on Admission procedure of masters in medical technology

Masters in Medical Technology, a 2-year course for professionals who are interested in exploring the medical stream and even seek a major career as Medical Lab Technician. This is one of the important medical healthcare courses which is done after graduation by students who are seeking a master’s degree in the same specialization. 

The best part of the Medical Technology course is that it allows serving medical stream without owning an MBBS degree. After attaining this degree as a lab technician will decide whether an interest in Clinical Biochemistry or Microbiology and Immunology. 

This two-year course is designed for imparting students’ theoretical and practical knowledge. Master in Medical Technology offers experienced and technically sound professionals that are eligible for working in private hospitals or lab centers.

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The employment sectors offered by this course are hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, clinical lab, pathological lab. The job profiles that one can work for after completing medical technology course are Laboratory manager, Healthcare administrator, Hospital outreach coordinator, educational consultant, health and safety officer, etc. 

How can one get admission to Masters in Medical Technology?

Admission to Master in Medical Technology is usually done on the basis of merit or on the marks scored in the entrance exam. Let us have a look at the below criteria:

Merit-based admission: In this, students are usually chosen on the basis of marks scored in the intermediate exam. Individuals just have to apply to the college or university. After the result are declared for the qualifying exams, then the college will release the cut-offs. Students who manage to meet the cut-off scores are eligible for the enrollment of Master in Medical Technology. 

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Entrance-based admission: This is another method for the selection of Master in Medical Technology i.e. by the entrance exam. Students are selected on the basis of the marks obtained in the entrance exam. First, students will have to apply for the specific university or any desired college according to the mark attained. Then the institute will provide the student an exam schedule and students who manage to qualify for the exam will be eligible for admission. 

Master in Medical technology suitability 

It is highly beneficial for students who wish to pursue a Master in Medical Technology. Let us check the below-mentioned points:

  • Students who have prior knowledge of medical tests mainly on blood fluids i.e. blood, tissues are the perfect suit for the course. 
  • An individual who has a good memory, patience, power of concentration to learn through the career, ability to take timely decisions. 
  • Students who hold a strong sense of responsibility as they have a great responsibility. 
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Master in Medical Technology offers advanced training for experienced medical technologists. This course offers popular employment sector and job profiles who have completed a Master in Medical Technology. Other than this, students who are on the verge of making a career can even choose an option from other streams. Interested students must even choose a mechanical engineering course who wish to make a career in the engineering profile. The admission to this course is even on the basis of merit and scores obtained. 

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