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The online dating market has been actively developing since the beginning of the 2000s – when online chats were in fashion for the first time, then the first OKCupid dating sites appeared, and in 2012 Tinder brought the topic to a new level of online dating. Visit Tinder, check it out at

Despite the constant growth of the audience of such sites, the concept of dating on the Internet since that time has not changed – we are looking for a partner, focusing on these profiles and believing the photos posted on the site or in the application, and these data do not always correspond to reality.

However, the revolutionary solution in this area is already on the way – DateCoin wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) and a number of other advanced technologies to select ideal partners.

Internet dating affects not only the relationship between the sexes but also the structure of society – they erase racial and social barriers and help build stronger families. Moreover, getting acquainted with the internet is easier and more enjoyable. It was to such conclusions that scientists from the University of Essex (Great Britain) came who proved that in real life the circle of acquaintances is strongly limited by social status and place of residence, and the Internet opens up new opportunities for each of us.

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New opportunities for the dating industry are opened up before the owners of dating services. For example, according to some experts’ estimates, the Russian market for such services is estimated at about $ 50 million, and the world market at $ 5 billion. Not surprisingly, this segment is considered by many to be highly profitable and new sites in this field appear regularly, however, also quickly disappear. Why is this happening?

Put yourself in the shoes of a user who came to the platform to get acquainted with a girl or a man. You have certain requirements for a future partner and you want him or her to match. In addition, you are looking for a person with a specific purpose – maybe you just want to have a good time, have sex, or maybe you are in a serious relationship.

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For the puzzle to be completed, and you, as well as your partner, to be satisfied with each other, the goals of both sides should coincide. In addition, you must meet each other’s requirements.
How do dating services solve this problem today? They help all the shy guys out there, do girls like shy guys, check out the article to find out. With the help of filters and a number of questions in the profiles. In fact, many users simply do not respond to questions or give incorrect information about themselves, and filters work superficially.

A new approach to solving this problem was suggested by the makers of DateCoin – they decided to install artificial intelligence and automated algorithms. As a result, it will not be so easy to deceive the system. The role of “an individual manager for the selection of couples” will be taken by artificial intelligence.

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How all this will work, we will explain in more detail. A neural network capable of learning, according to a set of certain criteria, will group all users on the basis of data about them, after which, depending on the actions of the person, intelligent algorithms will issue the profiles that are most suitable for him.

That is, artificial intelligence will take into account the user’s preferences not only on the basis of the data it introduces but also, for example, analyzing the photographs of those girls who like it, tracking which profiles it looks at, to whom it writes, with whom it communicates the longest, to whom it calls and so (anonymous calls will be available through the service – currently it is implemented in the Denim application).

On the basis of this, individual recommendations for a specific user will be formed, and a personalized selection of profiles will be compiled.

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