Is Android App development a Profitable Choice for Enterprises?

When IT collaborates with internal business teams and external agencies to create enterprise applications, it can better understand and incorporate the end user’s demands. The widespread use of cloud computing has been important in making this possible.

There is a pressing demand for enterprise android applications or the most popular ideas for startups, and business owners welcome them with open arms. Although Android dominates the mobile market, it only accounts for 80% of the world market. iOS still reigns supreme in corporate android development, and security is the primary reason.

Enterprise Mobility for Modern-Day businesses 

Take a look at why an Android platform app is necessary for a business. However, the most recent Android smartphone developments have addressed the issues above. So let’s peek at the obstacles and dig further into the problems.

  • Now more than ever, everyone you meet carries an Android smartphone since they are so cheap and ubiquitous.
  • Bring your device policies to give workers more freedom in selecting the electronic gadgets they bring to the workplace.
  • Another consideration is that an iPhone will set you back at least $500, whereas Android phones can be from $75 to $500. 
  • The worldwide corporate mobility market was estimated to be worth $19.65 billion in 2019. But that’s not all; the mobility market is projected to expand to $151.51 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 29.3 percent between 2020 and 2027.

Android app for Enterprises:

Modern-day enterprises want to be productive to outperform their increasing competition. Therefore, following today’s best practices is essential to get the full advantages of creating an enterprise app.

  • Strategic design for business

The development of mobile apps is a natural match for the well-known IBM paradigm of Enterprise Design Thinking. The method shown here speeds up the process of coming up with, designing, creating, and deploying mobile applications for business use. Enterprise design thinking integrates the design thinking process with more conventional approaches to design.

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As a result of the seismic shift brought about by the proliferation of mobile devices, “mobile first” has replaced “desktop first” as the guiding paradigm for developing software. Nevertheless, mobile-specific factors must indeed be taken into account.

Hire the best Android app programmers who can develop intuitive products that run on different digital platforms and various mobile operating systems. The best Android app programmers should also consider the hardware options as the advanced skill sets. 

For instance, in a mobile business, workers are likely to use applications on their own devices. But what if they decide they’d instead use their laptop? Constructing a program that can run on many platforms will make switching between them much more accessible.

  • Examine everything

QA and testing are critical components of every successful mobile app project. Quality assurance procedures ensure that mobile goods are error-free before they reach end consumers. 

All stages of the CI/CD process should include continuous testing. Throughout app development and beyond, your team must constantly test. 

Be aware of the equally crucial post-release testing that happens after pre-production testing. Enterprise mobile app development cannot proceed with post-release testing, which involves double-checking the release in production settings. To explain, data and deployment problems may be monitored once a release has been tested.

  • Make use of the cloud and microservices.

Mobile cloud computing allows it to incorporate massive amounts of data into business software. Cloud services allow users to gather and share information from various sources quickly. The resulting rapid communication among staff members and efficient operations directly affect this.

Cloud-based mobile applications also provide the flexibility to grow or shrink as needed. Cloud and microservices can help you build scalable digital products that adjust to the growing business’s demand. You may save on infrastructure expenses by utilizing cloud computing to build a mobile app.

Is Android app development Profitable? 

Creating Android applications for use in a business setting is a challenging endeavor. Not only do the developers need to figure out several different authentication difficulties, but they also need to keep several security concerns in mind. On the other hand, once it has been created appropriately, businesses benefit from many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Open Source and High Return on Investment:

Open Source and High Return on Investment – It is an open-source framework that does not charge any kind of royalty and allows users to create apps for android-based phones without having to worry about the expense of building such applications.

  • Single Development Package:

Many companies are composed of several different entities. It may be pretty expensive for the corporation to develop a mobile application tailored to each organization. The primary objective is to be able to carry out all of the fundamental business procedures using a single application. Android is the ideal platform for this endeavor since it is available on many devices and can be customized to fit several factors.

  • Efficient Management Tool:

Using a single android application to oversee a company’s operations is among the most time- and labor-saving methods now available. However, developing a standalone app for each company’s distinct business module may be a time- and labor-intensive process that makes it difficult for software engineers to roll out future upgrades.

  • Integration of Businesses:

It is possible for a failure of the whole system to occur if the various divisions of a firm are not connected when the duties are being carried out. Android apps connect the company’s multiple divisions, may be used alone or in collaboration by department employees, and provide improved functionality to enhance the integration of business operations.

  • One Product, many distribution points:

There are a few distinct methods by which Android apps may be made public. Either on the Google Play store, on your website, or via APKs as a distribution method. This helps get the word out about your services to a bigger audience while making it easier for users to download and use the app.

  • Maintaining customer relations:

Only a custom Android app development company can help you to create feasible Android apps, maintain fruitful relations with clients, keeping the customers abreast of the most recent advancements in your business. 

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Android app development enhanced security for enterprises. 

DevOps automation and a CI/CD pipeline are necessities in today’s business mobile app development, mainly when working with cloud services. “DevOps” refers to the collaboration between software developers and IT operations staff. This term refers to a set of procedures combining the two to produce high-quality software. DevOps is a tool that may be used to streamline the production of software and manage complex applications better.

  • Check out the top DevOps techniques:
  • Establish a planning and tracking system to facilitate improved management of existing procedures.
  • Everything you need to monitor and direct progress in one convenient location.
  • All processes should be automated to save time and effort.
  • First, we’ll test everything so we can catch and correct any problems as soon as possible in the design process.
  • It is advantageous to use DevOps, and CI/CD is advantageous when creating mobile applications. Apps may be updated and released more often thanks to mobile DevOps. In addition, it causes fewer apps to crash.
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Hire Dedicated Android App Developers 

The organization itself is in the greatest position to determine the specific requirements and business demands of the organization. One of the choices that might be advantageous for your Android apps development company is assembling an in-house group of programmers specializing in Android application development. Developing an Enterprise Android application is time-consuming due to the many hardware compatibility concerns that must be resolved.

Final thoughts 

At the same time, working with a reputable service provider to outsource the development of business mobile applications is an option worth considering. If you have decided to outsource enterprise app development, hire a qualified and experienced remote Android app developer team that can complete your project at a fraction of the cost.

Patel Nasrullah
Patel Nasrullah
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