Android Launchers That can Help You Save Batteries On Android Phone.

A battery is one of the main priority of every android phone.
Whenever you are experiencing a battery drain on your android phone, it is one of the saddest moment.

Many of us don’t know that launchers we are using on our phone also contribute to the battery drain of our smartphone.

Some Phones Manufacturers Launcher do drain our android phone’s battery. I can say that the more features it carries, the more battery it drains.

You can check your battery statistics to know which app drains the battery highest. 90% of them are our android launchers. I know that there are some several unbeatable features found on those pre-install launchers that cannot be found in Some other launchers.

But if you are not comfortable with the usage of your android battery and wish if there’s something that could be done about it, I have a suggestion for you today.

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Android Launcher Battery Saver
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Android Launchers That can Help You Save Batteries On Android Phone.

Like we said before, I will be listing some of the launchers that can help batteries on your android phones and tablets.

Android Launchers That can Help You Save Battery On Android

  • CM Launcher

It is an app developed by Cheetah Mobile. It improves your phone’s performance and it is very lightweight.
Cheetah Mobile is one of the know developers of very android apps. One of their best apps includes Clean Master. Clean Master is one of my best apps when it comes to cleaning running apps and junks files.

CM Launcher comes with many features like Auto Categorization of Apps.

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When I was using clean master, I discovered that Categorising of apps can help boost my phones ram. I don’t know how that works but it really with Clean Master.

CM Launcher is also an app developed by The developers who developed Clean Master. They must be good in Optimization of Phone. The Launcher Optimises your phone to its best your performance.

There are many features included in it that you will also love, it includes Booster in front of your screen which allows you to boost and clean running apps whenever you click on it which increase the free ram on our phone.
There are other features you can find on the Launcher.



Apus Launcher
Apus Launcher

It also has the same UI as CM Launcher and It is very Lightweight, fast and saves a lot of memory. It categorizes apps according to there categories.
Apus Launcher display apps that will rarely use which can help save a lot of memory on our phone. It also comes with the Booster Feature in front of our phone that help optimises our phone.
It also has the same design as CM Launcher.

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This launcher categorizes our apps in a smart folder thereby making our desktop look for decent and customised, You can double tap on your screen to set it off.

There is a booster icon on the screen used to clean running apps and save RAM on our phone. You can also enjoy Hola search bar and there are many free available theme and wallpaper you can download and customise your screen to your satisfaction.


Android Launchers That can Help You Save Batteries On Android Phone.

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