Answering the question: What burglar alarm should I buy?


What burglar alarm should I buy is one of the most significant questions you can ask to improve your home security. Burglars are discouraged by the existence of an alarm system, according to criminologists’ research.

Apart from that, the police and your house insurance company would urge you to have a reasonable level of home security. Make sure your doors and windows are properly secured, and then install an alarm system and maintain it in good working condition.

Some insurance companies require you to have a proper burglar alarm as a condition of your policy, and if your alarm isn’t in full working order when someone tries to break in, your coverage may be deemed void.

It’s critical that you feel comfortable and protected in your own house, so investing in a burglar alarm makes sense.

Households appear to be catching the word, as 89% of respondents in a Which magazine study said they had a burglar alarm. The most prevalent explanation was that it made the family feel safe and also served as a deterrent to robbers while they were away on vacation.

Don’t be daunted by the wide range of alarms on the market; here are five things to think about before buying an alarm for your home…

What kind of burglar alarm do you want?

There are four primary types of alarms, with wired and wireless variants available. The simplest is the bells-only alarm, which creates noise but does not automatically contact anybody when activated. These systems may be linked to cell phones to provide you notifications when the alarm goes off or the system is set or unset.

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If the second option, a dialler burglar alarm, is activated, it will automatically contact a designated phone number.

In exchange for a yearly or monthly subscription, monitored alarms will notify a monitoring provider, which will subsequently alert keyholders or, if necessary, the police. The smart home security system is the most current sort of burglar alarm, and it notifies you via an app if it goes off. You may also control it remotely, and it can be monitored by a third party in some situations. 

How secure is your residence?

How secure is your residence
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An alarm system is an excellent way to defend your house, but evaluate the total safety of your property before deciding on the best system for your needs. You may want to consider having reinforced windows installed in addition to putting appropriate locks on your doors and windows.

Outdoor security lights, as well as CCTV, may be effective deterrents for would-be attackers. Consider adding taller walls, tight gates, and sturdy fences to your home’s perimeter. A gravel driveway indicates that a thief will be heard coming.

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Consider getting timers for your inside lights so that they switch on and off at the right times and create the appearance that someone is at home while you’re away.

Are you looking for a wireless alarm?

A wired alarm consists of multiple electronic sensors coupled by low-voltage wires to a control panel. A battery-powered wireless alarm employs RF radio waves to link to the control panel.

Wireless systems are now quite dependable and simple to deploy, albeit they are more expensive to maintain.

Wired systems have less costly equipment. They are, however, more expensive to install since they usually require a professional installation to arrange the cables throughout your home. The control panel provides electricity to them.

Is an alarm monitoring contract worthwhile?

The same homeowners that ask “What burglar alarm should I buy?” believe that an alarm monitoring contract is worthwhile for added peace of mind. If your alarm is activated, the private business monitoring your system will notify you or the authorities, depending on your contract conditions. 

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According to a Which magazine poll, 72% of individuals with an alarm monitoring contract thought it was well worth it since it provided them with “total peace of mind.” Although it increased the expense, they believed it was worthwhile in the end. Click here for alarm installation in your area.

What characteristics are you looking for?

Numerous supplementary features are frequently offered with the alarm system at an additional fee. Some homeowners choose to employ the extra functions, while others prefer to stick to the essentials since they believe they complicate the system.

First and foremost, if you have pets, the last thing you want is for them to set off your alarm, so look for a system with pet-friendly sensors or one that allows you to manually regulate the sensitivity.

If you have elderly relatives or family members who have mobility challenges, consider purchasing a panic button. Some alarms can be set in zones, so you can set the alarm downstairs but leave the upstairs zone off when you walk upstairs to bed.

You can also have a remote maintenance system installed, which allows an issue with the alarm to be diagnosed and perhaps remedied remotely. This service usually comes with a monthly cost.

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