App Review: Smart Booster Review and Download

App Review: Smart Booster Review and Download

App Review: Smart Booster Review and Download.

Smart Booster 6.0 is an Android App developed by Antek.
It’s an app which runs perfectly on Android OS starting from Android 2.3 and later.
Today, we will be looking at some of its features and while it’s needed on our android phone.

It is an app which requires root to run perfectly well, it is also integrated into X-posed Installer app which requires you to activate the Module before use. But it can run perfectly well without installing or activating the X-posed installer.
It can also work well without root.


  • Apps Permission.

This feature enables you to know some apps that require high permission on your phone. How they collect information on your phone and the kind of information they collect.
It differentiates it into many categories like apps that can cost you money, read your location, read your contacts and others.

It is more elaborate than our normal system app details and permissions.


This features compiles Many attributes like

  • Backup & Uninstall

This can back up your user and system apps. It can also uninstall user apps and requires root to uninstall system apps.

  • App 2 SD.

This feature enables you to move apps between your SD and internal Storage.
You can use this instead of some standalone apps.

  • Hibernate.

This helps you to hibernate running apps and save memory till this the next time you launch it again. This will help you to save memory and power and hibernate those big apps.

  • Disable.

This app is the best features that am enjoying this app.
It helps users with low ram phone to conserve memory on their phone.
This feature is for system apps only. Any apps that you are not using and you are sure that it won’t cause a problem if disabled, you can disable it and it will help save a lot of memory.
Just make sure that it is not for apps that are making your android system to be running.

Smart Booster
Smart Booster
Note: don’t disable your launcher app, you won’t be able to enter your home again.
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  • Auto Start.

This allows you install any apk file available on your phone, displays all of then alphabetically and explains whether they are installed or not and also displays when an apk file available is the newest version or older version.

It will also enable you to install apps as user apps or system app(requires root.).

  • Pick Apps.

This uses an internet connection to displays some useful apps that you will also love to have. You can download app from there or not

  • Storage.

This displays the usage of all the available memory on your phone.
It includes both internal memory, device memory and external memory.
It also displays usage by category like usage consumed by applications, cache file. Music, photos, videos other files and available memory.


This feature displays used cache on your phone.
It categorizes it by system cache and External cache.

Other Features that came with this app include the auto booster profile options which are aggressive, The Strong, The Medium and The Gentle.
The Aggressive kills apps that are of low priority on our phone.
The Strong also perform as the aggressive but it kills apps that consumes our memory lightly.
The Medium kills the app that uses memory above our average limit.
The Gentle kills apps that consume considerable memories.

This app also has a notification bar that you use a ram booster, power wifi on and off, power mobile data on and off.
There’s also a floating widget that can run on any window we are, whether in an app or games, is not available on our launcher but everywhere,

that makes it an awesome ram booster app. It can work very well without root but it requires root access to enjoy full function of it.

App Review: Smart Booster Review and Download


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