Applying augmented reality in app development

AR is a technology that allows app developers to lay enhancements on existing reality.

You can draw on the world with your friends on Android and iOS at the same time. Unlike VR – which is immersive and usually requires a headset, such as an Oculus Rift – AR allows app developers and companies to overlay digital information on real-world objects.

In museums and galleries across the world, you can rent a walking guide – usually on a device around the size of an old phone or Walkman, with headphones.

AR has two versions: location-based AR and marker-based AR. The first does not need any patterns or markers to function. App receives the needed data and then defines where it should add virtual data to the real world.

Marker-based AR relies on the interaction with a smartphone camera. When your camera points at some brand symbol, it will create a digital overlay of information into reality.
The following areas will benefit from AR most

  • The digital world hits entertainment. AR makes any game far more interesting and desirable, especially those that involve journey and quests.
  • With AR learning can become more immersive. Education providers have created content that students will embrace easier and more freely.
  • Retailers now can enhance the customer experience by using AR. Try on an outfit or shoes virtually and have fun.
  • Tourism as a business receives bonuses from AR. Show customers their destination points and provide them with information that will add to the quality of a holiday.
  • AR now is used by real estate sellers as the tool to show buyers 3D experience of a property.

Consider several essential factors while developing AR apps: UI/UX must closely stand to user’s needs; AR apps should be simple in usage; possessing a skillful pool of app developers.

Developers who work on the AR app can soon turn into a good platform for future AR projects.
To find out augmented reality app development cost, check several examples that reveal the price while working with the dev team from Eastern Europe:
One of the easiest ways to integrate AR into an app is this: take an app free from AR and add a feature (that needs a smartphone’s camera) for the location 3D objects around users.

This work may last 150-250 hours. In the country with an hourly rate $35.00, the final price would be $5250 – $8750
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) can be used with the help of AR app. It will insert an object into a new area. It is extremely useful for furniture retailers. One needs 250 – 500 hours to complete this work. Estimated cost: $8750 – $17.500

Location-based AR is one of the most popular. Creating a location-based AR app involves working with GPS, Wi-Fi, and compass, plus the 3D tools and digital content creation to create the information overlay. It demands 400 – 800 hours of work. Estimated price: $14.400 – $28.000

Today Consumers are eager to embrace immersive AR technology. Businesses in numerous sectors can get various advantages from this growing trend. AR technologies open for both customers and developers new horizons of benefits and opportunities.

John Daniel
Android biggest Fan and a Tech Nerd

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