How to Automate Your DM’s with an Instagram Chatbot

The power of Instagram is well-documented – this visually-oriented social network has turned countless small brands into global success stories and made legions of regular people famous across the world. With nearly 1.4 billion members as of early 2022, the network continues to grow along with the contact lists of all of its members.

In such an environment, keeping all of your conversations up to date can become very time-consuming, especially for those who use Instagram professionally and interact with dozens of people every day. The most elegant solution for this problem is to use a chatbot and automate your Instagram DMs coming from your account. If you are not familiar with this technology, here is a quick rundown of its key features and benefits:

What Are Social Media Chatbots and What Can They Do?

Chatbots are software constructs capable of conversing with humans on a variety of topics in a persuasive manner. The latest generation of bots has extensive linguistic abilities thanks to an AI-based algorithm that analyses input and finds the most optimal answer to every incoming message.

Some bots are created specifically to be used on social networks, so their capacities are perfectly aligned with the needs of a high-volume Instagram user. Chatbots can be programmed in many different ways depending on what you want them to accomplish, so they can simply extend courtesies or provide meaningful information and even contribute to increased sales.

Automating Conversations while Keeping a Personal Touch

If you think chatbots are limited to a few stock answers, you don’t understand how sophisticated this technology has grown lately. Bots can sound almost as naturally as humans, and in many cases, the other side doesn’t know that the messages are composed by an algorithm. That allows brands or individuals on Instagram to save a lot of time while still replying to all DMs and responding to requests promptly.

Thanks to extensive customisation options available with bots, it’s possible to build elements of the brand identity into the chatbot’s style of conversation. This is why automation is fast becoming the golden standard on social networks, at least when it comes to commercial use.

Growing Your Network Exponentially with Chatbots

By deploying a smart chatbot on your account, you can expand their circle of contacts manifold while still keeping each one engaged on a personal level. Since growth is a universally shared objective of almost every Instagram user, chatbots can be used with success in a wide spectrum of scenarios, private or professional.

More engaged contacts are more likely to share content or recommend the brand to another user, thus contributing directly to the follower count. At the same time, they provide a feasible way to handle the sudden influx of DMs that often accompanies growth without feeling trampled.

Chatbots as the Foundation of Online Marketing Campaigns

If used expertly and with strategic forethought, chatbots can be much more than simple time-savers. With professional assistance, they can be instructed to perform a well-planned sequence of steps while collecting data about other users. Thus, chatbots can be instrumental in launching new products, winning new customers, and creating new revenue streams.

Smart bots can differentiate between contacts based on their stature in the online community, which helps to identify influencers and respected members on Instagram and attract them to your cause. Conversational marketing is trending up at the moment, so adopting social media chatbots today will put you ahead of the curve and position you perfectly to take advantage of this marketing channel and its viral potential.

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