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Learn how to become efficient in computer-based skill test for EPFO SSA recruitment

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has already conducted two phases of the 2020 recruitment program for Social Security Assistant (SSA). The aspirants who have appeared for the EPFO SSA recruitment test are getting ready for the Phase III test. This is a computer data skill test that will be conducted in different locations stated on the official website.

Entering data throughout the day in an EPFO office can be very tough for the candidates. The candidates will have to show excellent computer skills. They have to cross the eligibility level of 5000 depression in an hour. The SEBI Grade A recruitment program does not have a computer-based skill test but the EPFO makes sure that the aspiring candidates are well versed with computers. They have to handle a lot of pressure in the EPFO offices. Hence, the organization will check whether you are capable of handling such pressure. You cannot commit any mistake while entering specific data and handling a person’s provident fund account.

How can you make yourself computer efficient?

Now that you have understood how much importance the computer-based skill test holds for this assistant position, check your progress, and find out your level. Here is what you need to do to become more efficient in handling computers. All you have to do is to learn how to use a keyboard niftily. Check out the tips mentioned below.

  • Find out your speed

Not every candidate is skilled in handling keyboards of computers. Your keyboard efficiency will depend on how you have practiced before or whether you have any prior experience. You can see that you have to achieve the level of 5000 depressions per hour level within a short span of time. Hence, the first step is to check your typing speed online. There is excellent software available to practice typing and learn the key configuration on a keyboard.

Check your present typing speed. Find out how many depressions you can reach within a few minutes and extrapolate the value to find it with respect to an hour. Learning your speed will help you assess your present condition. It will also help you figure out how much you have to work on your computer-based skills.

  • Type daily

If you are a novice, the first step is to learn the hand configuration you need to type on a keyboard. Develop a style to follow and try to increase your speed. Type a paragraph and be very constructive. Do not type anything you want. If you consider 5 letters in a word on an average, you will have to type 1000 words in an hour. It means you have to type at least 17 words in a minute. Let us consider the average recommended speed of 20 words per minute. This is the standard speed you need to build in this transition period.

Practice typing a paragraph daily and remember the key configuration of a standard QWERTY keyboard. Your finger transition from one letter to the other will decide your speed. In fact, you will also have to concentrate on the progress word by word in a paragraph. Remember that you will have to read and type a paragraph within the stipulated time.

  • Seek professional assistance

If you are absolutely new to keyboards or do not have any prior experience in learning how to type, seek professional assistance from a computer center to learn this skill quickly. Do not let this opportunity to work with a reputed government organization. It will take a few months to learn how to type faster and better. The simple skill can be developed by anyone under the guidance of a good mentor.


EPFO SSA recruitment will select 2189 candidates for the job. The organization will check how the aspirants can handle the pressure of a bus EPFO office. Learn typing faster and meet the eligibility criteria. Stay calm and maintain your speed without hurrying. Avoid committing mistakes and get selected.

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