Best 5 Courier Management Software And Tools In 2021

In today’s technology-driven society, adopting the latest technology is simply not a luxury but has become a necessity. This holds true even for the courier company which needs to incorporate the latest technology for gaining the loyalty of the customer.

A good courier software has multiple benefits like GPS tracking, arrival estimation, dispatch coordination for accurate routing and even a database of the customer.

Good courier software is the one that provides dispatch information, the best routing and further, informs the customs of the estimated arrival times for keeping them in the loop.

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If you are searching for courier management software and tools, your search ends here with our list of the best 5 courier management software and tools. 

1. Shippo

With the software of Shippo, you can sync the sales channels to manage the orders of all the different stores in one place. The software provides the users with customized tracking with clear transparency.

The software covers both detailed shipment information and comprehensive tracking history. In addition to that, it provides the up-to-date estimated time of arrival and original ETA.

Also, with the Shippo you can provide the customers with real-time updates and standardized tracking for all the couriers. The Shippo provides the complete tracing system which makes it easier to keep tabs on all the shipments. 

2. Route4Me 

With more than two million users, Route4Me has helped thousands of businesses in their shipments. The software is easy to optimize which works on auto-pilot for the route planning for sustainable growth of the business. Route4Me is majorly used for route planning.

For using Route4Me, the user needs to first provide the address to visit and then Route4Me optimizer provides within ten seconds with the optimal routes. If you want fast delivery like SF Post, you can use Route4Me for ensuring fast shipment to your customers. 

3. Sendcloud 



Sendcloud is your all-in-one shipping platform that can be connected with more than 130 ships like Shopify and WooCommerce. The Sendcloud app ensures that the right delivery method is selected with information like insurance, weight for the orders. With a barcode scanner in your business, it is also possible to use Sendcloud for printing shipping labels.

Also, the analytics of Sendcloud provides you with metrics of returns and shipment done over a period of time. Sendcloud is a highly popular shipping software in Europe. Additionally, it can be used to allow the customers to track the shipments like VRL tracking. 

4. RoadWarrior

For any global logistic company, RoadWarrior can prove to be an optimal tool for delivering shipment right on time. The basic version of RoadWarrior supports a best-in-class routing engine along with routing in traffic, schedules availability and max route size.

This tool is handy for planning, assigning and even managing routes for the drivers who are carrying the shipment. RoadWarrior comes with a powerful dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of the progress of the driver.

For using RoadWarrior, the user simply needs to enter the stops and then the software intelligently assigns the optimum route for fulfilling the shipment with the freedom to monitor the progress. 

5. GSMtasks

GSMtasks is a route optimization and fleet management software that does courier optimization. With GSMtasks, it becomes possible to optimize multi-stop routes that too in a few minutes. It improves the fleet capacity by providing a shorter router.

The fleet analytics of GSMtasks allows you to track all the important metrics. Further, it can be used for switching on SMS/E-mail notification to the customers to keep them updated with the tracking of their package.

Further, for the company owners, it comes with a dashboard to show all the in-progress and scheduled tasks. Also, GSMtasks comes with a mobile app for the drivers for keeping an eye on the progress of the shipment. With GSMtasks, the user can check the real-time updates and even go paperless with all the digital document management in the software itself. 

On the basis of your requirement, you can choose courier software to fulfil your needs. However, the ability to track the package by the customer is a non-negotiable necessity for any courier management software. Good courier management software can help you with both route optimization and route monitoring. 

Ifeanyi Okondu
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