5 Best Data Mapping Software Tools for 2021

Data mapping or map visualization software is used to display and analyze geographical data in the form of a map. This enables more straightforward and more intuitive data expression, enabling you to distinguish patterns and trends better. For example, it allows you to visualize the distribution or proportion of data in each region. 

Data mapping software is a vital component to many businesses, but choosing the right one can be challenging. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the five best data mapping software tools to help you in your search.

  1. eSpatial

eSpatial is a mobile software program that lets you create various map types from various data sources. These include hot spot heat maps, radius maps, buffer maps, sales territory maps, regional heat maps, and bubble maps. This software also makes it possible for you to add annotations to any map you create. Other features of this program include the ability to plot driving routes, live map data filtering, color points, in-map labeling, and custom drawing and selection tools. Additionally, you have the option to collaborate virtually with team members and publish your maps on a website.

  1. Mapline

The Mapline data mapping software tool allows you to use data from an Excel spreadsheet to create maps. Once your map is formed, you can plot customers, add boundaries, and plan routes. You also have the option of using Mapline’s BI dashboard to create dynamic reports, charts, and dashboards. Additionally, the software can help you optimize sales territories, create disaster recovery plans, and leverage distance analysis.

  1. EasyMapMaker

Using spreadsheet data, EasyMapMaker lets you create a Google Map with up to 15,000 locations. Uploaded locations are represented on the map as location pins to move around as you see fit. Features of this software include heat map layers, turn-by-turn navigation, and filtering. You can also add contour lines to see the density of distances from specific locations.

  1. Maptive

Maptive.com’s data mapping software uses spreadsheet data to create a custom Google Map. From this map, several important pieces of information can be discerned. For instance, by plotting critical data points, you can see vital growth opportunities and trends that may not have been easily visible in your spreadsheet. As a result, you will derive important information about your customers, sales team, and business. Maptive also furnishes extensive data analysis with features including route data grouping, heat mapping, and distance calculation. Additionally, Maptive helps businesses plan routes with its route optimization tool.

  1. MapBusinessOnline

With MapBusinessOnline, you can create shareable online maps that make it easy to view critical business data geographically. This will allow you to understand and visualize important business elements such as sales, prospects, customers, and resource locations. As a result, you can make strategic plans for the short and long term. Some features of this software include customer data visualizations, creating and managing sales territories, and route optimization. Additionally, MapBusinessOnline makes it possible for you to create demographic maps that contain up-to-date Census data.

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Data mapping is a vital analysis tool. It allows you to identify patterns and visually analyze your geographic data. For this reason, you must find a tool that will provide your business with the resources it needs to make data-based decisions. This could mean selecting a tool that offers heat mapping and route optimization so that your sales team understands where sales are most dense and knows the easiest way to get from one prospect’s location to another. Or it could mean selecting a tool that provides you with Census data and lets you group data, so it’s easier to identify common traits between data sets. Therefore, regardless of your reasons for needing data mapping software, make sure you choose the one with the right features for your needs.

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Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
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