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Almost everyone knows what Minecraft is, just how popular and interesting it is and it is definitely one of the most freeing and Best Survival Games To Play.

Minecraft is an infinitely generated, randomly generated environment that is limitless and the possibilities are endless within this game. You can build any structure to mind and the only limit that is in this game is your own imagination.

From small homes all the way up to the tall castles and all the way back down to the darkest of caves. Although Minecraft is a very creative game, it also features a lot of challenges, such as fighting off the enemies at night to defend your home, or progress in a cave.

The monsters that are in this game can actually be surprisingly scary, some of the monsters that you will be fighting include – skeletons, zombies, spiders, and creepers (the things that explode).

And on top of the experience, there are 61 different biomes that you can explore and you can do as much as you want with them. So if it’s freedom and exploration that you seek, then Mojang creative survival game is the one for you.


Where to even begin with Subnautica, it is quite literally an in-depth survival game and at that, one of the best survival games to play. This game has extremely in-depth lore and offers a top-class immersive experience that you can play on your gaming devices.

This game is set in a time of the future where space travel has become globally accessible and mainstream.

Humanity is beginning to colonize space and try to find another habitable planet for us to live on. However, while attempting to find another planet, the spaceship they were on – The Aurora – got shot down when nearing a very blue planet. As the ship crash-landed, you – the player – ejected from a life pod and crash-landed onto the planet. Upon awakening, it is discovered that the entire planet is covered in water and you must survive and escape. This game has many features, such as vehicles, and base building on land and under the water.

The graphics in this game are very unique and simplistic, but nevertheless stunning. Additionally, the sound design in this game is top class and playing this game on a massive television with surround sound is a truly mind-blowing experience. To talk to a professional about getting a TV installation, please click here.

The Forest

Now the forest is a game that has been under development for a while now, it has finally been released and it does not disappoint, and it proves to be one of the best survival games to play.

The Forest Survival Game

In a way, it is similar to Subnautica, but it is on a way smaller scale. You and your child are in mid-flight travelling to an unknown destination when suddenly your plane gets shot down and crash lands on an island.

After you awaken from the crash, your son gets kidnapped by an unknown character who appears to be a member of some sort of cult. You black out. Once you awaken again at a later time, you are stranded and alone in a forest with nowhere to go.

When you get yourself going in the game you have to fight your way through cultists of the island who appear to be physically mutated and I will say, this is a truly horrifying experience – especially in the dark.

This game features sophisticated crafting capabilities and building capabilities, it is a truly immersive experience. On top of all of these amazing features that the game has, the game does not compromise on graphics at all. It looks truly stunning and is something that should not be missed out on.

ARK – Survival Evolved 

Now this game is a truly new experience and it takes an approach that no other game has taken before. You find yourself stranded on land that is absolutely crawling with dinosaurs! Seriously list any dinosaur that exists and I bet you that it would be featured in the game.

This game also allows you to tame the dinosaurs and let them become your companion. This game allows you to tame the smallest Dino such as a Dodo all the way up to a Giganotosaurus – The largest land dinosaur to exist. It also has in-depth aquatic creatures, such as the megalodon – which you can actually ride.

Another feature that is in the game is base building. You can build houses for your own use or you can build a facility for storing animals and dinosaurs. Although extremely fun, this game is terrifying hands down.

Having a huge dinosaur chase you while the ground is shaking due to the sheer force of the creature’s weight hitting the floor is a truly adrenaline-rushing experience. It really puts you in a scary environment and is a must-play if you enjoy survival games.

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