6 best technology websites for the student which make learning easier

We are living in the age of technology so it is nearly impossible to refrain students from using mobile phones and other tech stuff in school. So the best way to keep student attention in the classroom is to engage them in technology-based learning activities. 

Modern curriculums are designed on technology-based activities where students learn while using electronic gadgets. The classroom environment is maintained in a way that encourages the use of technology for learning new concepts. Here in this article, I have listed the six best websites that can help you in learning with interest.

How technology makes learning fun?

There are many ways in which technology plays its part in making learning fun and interesting. As the students are more interested today in watching a multimedia presentation than paying attention to a teacher’s lecture. 

Modern classrooms use multimedia, video games, fun activities, chatrooms, and many other tech tools to keep students’ attention on learning. Students can view real-life scenarios based on their coursework while sitting in the classroom and can compare them with the theory that is being taught. 

6 Best Websites that make learning easier:

Different online websites are used to engage students in learning. These websites have different features that help students understand the concepts. Following are top websites that I have searched for you to make learning easier;

  1. Coursera:
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Coursera is the most popular website that provides a wide variety of different courses to help you in your studies. The top universities offer these interesting courses on the website for the skill development of students. 

Many of these courses are free of cost but some are paid courses. You have to purchase some courses to get the certificate of completion. Courser also offers special financial aid for deserving students. You can apply for financial aid if can’t afford to pay for the course.

  1. Khan Academy:

Different online academies are working today to make learning easier for students. The authentic virtual academy that I have searched for is khan academy which provides video lectures, exercises, activities, and quizzes on all subjects. 

Students can sign up here and get access to all the notes and exercises relevant to their subjects. It helps them in exam preparations and concept understanding. Students can ask live questions to the online tutors that are available 24/7 to answer their questions. Joining the khan academy would be a great initiative in improving your learning.

  1. YouTube:
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YouTube is another online platform that provides study material for students. It is the most widely used app in the world, for video sharing. World’s best teachers upload their lectures on YouTube so that anyone can watch and get benefits. 

Students can get help in their studies by joining live lectures and exercises of the world’s renounced professors. Any topic that your teacher failed to make you understand can be learned on YouTube by millions of teachers.

  1. Better Explained:

It is also an online website that offers a wide variety of online courses on different subjects. The major domains of this website are science and math. It provides quizzes, exercises, and recorded lectures on different math topics. You can also search for real-life examples and applications of different math formulas and concepts. That would help you better understand and learn the math concepts. 

  1. Online Calculators:

Online calculators are used to carry out complex calculations in seconds. They also provide the procedure for solving a certain problem and also check your homework for mistakes. Math problems like integration, derivation and round-off take time for solving. 

But now you can use an integral calculator for carrying out integration calculations, a derivative calculator to solve the derivative problems, and a rounding calculator to round off different values. Students can take help from online calculators in their learning and math practice.

  1. Canvas Network:
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Canvas Network is another online website that offers short skill development courses for the professional grooming of students. It only requires a signup procedure to get access to all the courses and the courses are free to join. 


That was the end of my discussion on listing the top websites that help you in your studies. Below are the key points of my content;

  • Tech-based learning activities are now introduced in the modern curriculum so students can study while using their gadgets. 

The top online websites that help you in learning are as follows;

  • YouTube (provides recorded and live video lectures and Q&A sessions with the world’s renounced teachers).
  • Khan Academy (an American-based virtual academy that provides notes and exercises on all subjects)
  • Coursera (offers short courses)
  • Better Explained (provides math notes)
  • Online Calculators (integral calculator, derivative calculator, and rounding calculator are used to solve the math problems)
  • Canvas Network (provides short courses)

I hope this content help you find the best technology website that help you in learning. Best of luck with your studies!

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