Bitcoin gains more market as crypto jewelry store, BitlLuxuria opens shop


How does buying a luxury neckpiece with Bitcoin sound to you?

Cool, right!

Let’s take it even further; how about purchasing gifts for your loved ones conveniently and discreetly with Bitcoin?

Any of these options is a dream come true if you’re a crypto enthusiast. 

Just a few years ago, most of the world wondered what it would be like to use digital currency to purchase goods and services. 

Today, cryptocurrency is being adopted as a legal tender by an increasing number of stores and brands across the globe.

At this point, there is no stopping Bitcoin or underplaying the enormous role cryptocurrency will have in the future of payment globally. If you

Here at Blogthetech, we are crypto technology enthusiasts, and as such, we spotlight any business or brand that adopts cryptocurrency for payment.

BitLuxuria is a bespoke crypto jewelry store that allows bitcoin users to find and purchase luxury wristwatches and neckpieces with bitcoin.

If you value convenience and want to maintain anonymity while buying your luxury jewelry, you should try BitLuxuria. 

Operating from New York, BitLuxuria offers a collection of top luxury brands, from Richard Mille to Rolex, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet. 

How to buy items with Bitcoin on BitLuxuria 

  1. Visit the website to view the items available 
  2. Every item has its price tag in bitcoin, so you can calculate the cost of purchase before you click the order button.
  3. When you find the product you want, click order to initiate the payment process
  4. The website will open to the payment page to make payment to the website Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Depending on the amount of bitcoin sent and traffic, there may be a slight delay in confirming payment.
  6. Once payment has been confirmed, the store will process your goods and ship them to your address. 
  7. For products that offer a certificate of authenticity, you will receive a certificate validating the product’s quality and purchase. 

Shopping with bitcoin has never been this easy. BitLuxuria makes it possible to buy luxury timepieces and necklaces with bitcoin. Most luxury brands in the accessory niche are yet to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, and until they do, BitLuxuria will be providing an excellent service. 

In some way, BitLuxuria acts as a risk insulator to accessory brands that are yet to accept bitcoin while ensuring that the buyer’s anonymity is maintained. As you would expect, buying products from luxury brands requires sharing personal information to document the transaction, coupled with the stress of visiting the store physically. If all that isn’t for you, try BitLuxuria. 


In 2021, we’ve seen bitcoin skyrocket in price, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down for any reason. However, we can expect some regulations around anonymity if there will be greater adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For now, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the people’s favourite. Early investors have achieved great results with it. And early adopters like Bitluxuria are expanding the use case of bitcoin while capturing new customers who prefer paying with cryptocurrency.

Have you made a purchase with Bitcoin? Share your experience in the message box below.

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