Blur your status bar with this Xposed Module

Blur your status bar with this Xposed Module

With this Xposed module that has been updated with several improvements of both stability and appearance generates a good effect to our notification curtain as wing wing window multitasking and fast ajusted. An effect of very well achieved which modifies the amount of opacity to achieve a transparent effect and you see a Gaussian effect that makes the blur and therefore the effect.

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Native effect Gaussian Blur effect background in the Bar Expanded panel Status (vertical and horizontal).
Gaussian Effect Blur Background Effect in recent Applications panel (vertical and horizontal).
Fully configurable Gaussian blur settings (Bitmap scale | Radio Blur | 3 Color filters).
Automatic color filter (module will choose which to apply according to the dominant image lightness color).
Translucent panel header notifications (higher contents).
Translucent notifications quick settings panel (tiles and / or buttons).
Drag value selector Bar translucency (from opaque to transparent).
Fade in / out animation when opening or closing the extended status bar of the panel.
Full screen and dive compatibility modes.

In this video the installation steps are shown as well as a preview of how the transparent unfocused effect is seen.
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