How You Can Borrow Airtime From MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat

Many Telcos introduced a few-year ‘air lease’ plan back to Nigeria, saving many workers from being trapped. So, if you want to make the call and find out that you don’t have air time and don’t have the opportunity to buy right away, borrowing money from Telcos is an excellent way to go.

Here we take you on airtime lending systems from various Telcos in Nigeria – MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat. Finish. Also, consider using paygold for airtime to cash services they are reliable

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Live Airtime via MTN

Follow these steps to lend airtime if you are on the MTN network.

• Dial * 606 # from the MTN line

• Select the amount you want to borrow

• receive information on the airtime you want to rent and the charges (including VAT) that you have been charged. This shows your business.

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Service charge: 15%

Borrowed Air From Airtel

If you are using an Airtel line, please follow these steps to rent air time with Telco.

• Call * 500 * money_you_intend_to_borrow # from an Airtel line as * 500 * 1000 #

•’ will receive a message stating that your request is being processed

• will receive the loan in a few minutes.

Service charge: 15%

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Live Airtime By Glo

Follow these steps to rent air using Glo cable.

• Call * 321 #

• Select the airtime you want to rent

• Click Send

Service charge: 10%

Live Airtime From Etisalat

The steps below show you how to borrow airwaves from Etisalat.

• Dial * 665 * money # from your Etisalat line e.g., * 665 * 1000 #

• Ziga

Service charge: 10%

Usually, when employees take air time on any network, the wages are deducted from the borrowed air.

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Also, different networks have their way of determining if a user is qualified to borrow air time from them. This can be determined based on how often a person is reimbursed for air travel.

Comments can be omitted if you are stuck in any of these settings. We are happy to help.

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