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Can I Use the Vingo App Without Any Sensors?

Most of you know that Vingo works the best with sensors but can you use it without any sensors? Of course, you can. It works with any treadmill or exercise bike and you won’t have to invest in a new one, just yet. The Vingo app is very versatile in nature and it can be used as such.

If you are thinking about how it works, here’s your answer.

It Works Best with Modern Equipment

The app is enabled with a lot of technological features. The best of them is the ANT+ sensors. These sensors are the ones that read your speed, cadence, pace, heart rate, and so on. The latest treadmills and bikes come with a digital instrument cluster with them. This allows the app to connect with the equipment easily.

Just turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and the app will detect your equipment. You can then pair them together and anytime you feel the need to exercise, the Vingo app will automatically connect with your treadmill/bike.

The Vingo App can Be Used Without Sensors Too

However, if you’re using an older, traditional equipment, you can always enter the parameters manually on the app. It works just as fine. All the app needs are a set of data, to begin with, and you’re giving it yourself. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable doing it every time, you can attach a speed sensor to your equipment and a smartwatch with the Vingo app.

This way, you can monitor your vitals on your watch and the speed sensor will give the inputs to the app. When it comes to online workouts, your involvement is more important than your equipment.

Adjust Speed, Inclination Manually

There’s also one more thing you can do in the Vingo app. You can adjust the inclination and resistance of your bike in the app. These factors are meant to make your exercise more challenging.

By adjusting the inclination and resistance, the app will adjust the visuals on the screen to look more arduous for you to complete. This involuntarily creates a sensation of hardness in your exercise. You can feel the scenery to resist your movements, thus making you push harder. Adjusting all these settings manually makes the whole process a little more complicated. That is why most people prefer to use it along with sensors. 

You Will Get Lesser Benefits

Although you can do it all with your regular old treadmill/bike, you have to remember, with the latest equipment you can enjoy a lot more features in this virtual cycling app. If your equipment has built-in sensors and control you can enjoy automatic grade, or incline based on the route, and all the features like, earning 100% of coins on your quests, displaying all the information on your dashboard, and so on.

As we said before, it is you who controls how you exercise and not your equipment or the app. So, if you are ready to get fit with the Vingo app, just go for it and figure it out along the way.

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