Can Pulsed Light Therapy Technology Help With Anti-Aging?

Are you facing hardship with wrinkles?

Is your face getting all baggy due to aging?

These are the questions that come to people’s mind when they start aging. And it’s also true that when you start aging you try out different anti-aging products to bring that “Young Cheezy Glow” back into your face. Previously, anti-aging products were mainly creams and organic face packs. However, in recent times, use of technology for anti-aging has become very popular. Pulsed light therapy is one of the most famous ones among those. 

The Anti-Aging Products market in the U.S. is estimated at US$14.2 Billion in the year 2020. And approximately, 27.04% share in the Global Market.

So with the evidence of these statistics, it’s quite clear how these anti-aging products are booming!!!!

But among all these products, “Pulsed Light Therapy” has created a whole new league of its own and surely has taken the spotlight towards itself!!

Through this article, I’ll be revealing to you whether pulsed light therapy can actually help you with anti-aging. And whether it worths your money or not!!!!

What Is A Pulsed Light Therapy?

Pulsed Light Therapy or also known as “photofacial” is a way to treat and improve the color and texture of your skin. And it can be done without surgery. 

The best part about this therapy is that it can also liberate some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure. This sort of skin damages are mostly noticeable on your face, neck, hands, or chest.

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Pulsed Light Therapy can also help people with health conditions such as red, brown or splotchy skin.

How Pulsed Light Therapy Works For Anti-Aging?

These sorts of therapies use light energy and it targets a certain color in your skin.

Unlike laser treatment, pulse light therapy works differently because just the way it sounds, these devices release a single wavelength (that’s why it’s called pulse) of pulsating light. And this therapy has the ability to cure a range of skin conditions simultaneously. You can take this therapy at home as well.

This is one of the specialties of this therapy!!

When the light of pulse light therapy falls on your skin, it gets heated up. After that your body gets rid of the dead cells from your skin. And that’s the major work of this therapy that is to bring out those dead cells out of the skin.

After the completion of this therapy you’ll notice that your skin tone has become more smooth and you’ll definitely look younger than before. And the fact that this therapy is loved by everyone is because it doesn’t affect other tissues, so you’ll recover very quickly.

But it’s very important for you to know that whenever you undergo such therapy, it’s highly recommended that you take it from an expert physician or nurse. As they are highly skilled and know the best for you!!

Does Pulse Light Therapy Completely Works For Anti-Aging?

This is one of the most common questions that come into people’s heads. Being honest it actually depends on the type of treatment you want to undergo and what you actually want to fix.

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After a single treatment, pulsed light therapy can remove upto 50%-75% of broken blood vessels for most people. Even there is a chance that it might completely go away.But the veins that have been treated will not come back, but new ones might show up later.

If rosacea causes your face to redden or makes it pink, the pulsed light therapy can be a good alternative option over laser therapy. You may even see better results if you are under 40 years, or your condition is average. 

Moreover, it deals with acne perfectly, but if you want to see the differences in your skin you need at least six sessions for you to notice it. 

For Whom This Pulsed Light Therapy Applicable?

Keep this in mind, not everything is for everyone. The same goes for pulsed light therapy. Unless you go and seek advice from your dermatologist don’t rush for this therapy. 

So if you have pale or light brown skin, then this therapy is just for you!!

Because pulsed light therapy works best on such skins. 

If you have issues regarding your skin and you want to get rid of these problems then BY THE SUGGESTION of your dermatologist go for the therapy.

Skin conditions might include:

  • Acne
  • Dark spots from hormonal changes
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Redness from Rosacea
  • Scars

All of these skin related problems and many other skin disorders can be cured by the help of this therapy.

So unless you have any of these skin related circumstances, don’t go for pulsed light therapy.

 How Will You Feel After You Have Taken The Therapy?

There’s nothing you need to be afraid of!!

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It’s quite natural for you to feel elevated when you are taking the therapy for the first time.

After the completion of the therapy, it may feel like having sunburns and this might last for 5 to 6 hours. But putting ice packs or a cool wash cloth will surely make you feel better. 

But keep in mind that while you are curing, you should and should not be doing the following:

  1. Don’t wear any sort of make up, unless it irritates your skin.
  2. Always use moisturising lotions to keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Whenever you go out, make sure to apply sunscreen (SPF of at least 30 and a physical barrier i.e. zinc). Keep applying it at a 2 hours interval even if it’s not sunny outside.
  4. If you have sensitive skin then use a cleanser to wash your face.

And don’t jump back to your normal skin routine unless your dermatologists approve.

It might take like a week for your skin to fully recover. So, until then make sure to follow the skin care plan.

Is Pulsed Light Therapy Worth Your Money?

First of all, this therapy is not cheap!!! It’ll devour quite a few cash from your pocket.

So, ask your clinic if they offer any sort of payment plan.

But before you go for therapy know this!!!


Although, you can keep the skin toned up by follow-up treatments once or twice a year!!!

Hope this article will now help you to know the facts whether pulsed light therapy can help with anti-aging or not.

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