The bizarre cancellation of a friendly between Iraq and Costa Rica

Before participating in a FIFA World Cup, teams try to play a few friendlies to make a final test of their tactics and strategies. The 1xBet platform is great kabaddi betting sites which also offers incredible options to wager on football contests.

Costa Rica was one of the 32 nations that qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup celebrated in Qatar. A few days before the tournament began, they agreed to visit Iraq in order to play a match against the home team. If you want to wager on those national squads, the 1xBet betting sites are what you are looking for, and it also includes a great kabaddi section.

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Iraq vs Costa Rica Match cancelled

A diplomatic disagreement

Before the World Cup, the Costa Rican squad had set up their training camp in Kuwait. The friendly against Iraq was going to be played on the 17th of November 2022. It has been alleged that a few weeks before the contest would take place, the football federations of both countries agreed on a particular aspect. The online betting odds available at 1xBet for wagering on those two national squads are very competitive.

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Apparently, the Costa Rican delegation had requested their passports not be stamped in the immigration control in Iraq. It was also alleged that the Iraqi government agreed with that request.

The day before the match, Costa Rica traveled to Iraq via bus. As expected, there was an immigration control on the border between Kuwait and Iraq. To the surprise of the visiting team, the officials were going to stamp their passports. According to the Costa Rican delegation, this was exactly the opposite of what they had agreed with their Iraqi counterparts. The betting odds for making online wagers on football matches through 1xBet are very convenient and can be enjoyed by all members of the platform.

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Last-minute attempts

Lots of phone calls, emails and messages followed. However, the officials at the Iraqi immigration control remained firm in their posture. They said that if the Costa Rican team wanted to enter Iraq, their passports had to be stamped. Right now the best football betting odds in India are available on 1xBet, and they are also quite convenient when wagering on friendly contests.

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This resulted in a series of consequences, such as:

  • the bus that carried the team turned around and returned to Kuwait;
  • the match was obviously canceled;
  • and there were mutual accusations between the football federations of both nations.

At 1xBet India you can find the best football betting odds, which can also be taken advantage of when wagering in Costa Rica matches. The team from the American continent missed a nice opportunity of getting prepared for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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