Looking to start a career in cybersecurity? These cities and countries await you

We live in a world where technology is all around us, influencing the way we work, learn, communicate and run our daily activities. It’s hard to imagine how our lives would look without all the benefits brought by technological advancements and innovations. But despite the many advantages that technology provides, we can’t turn a blind eye to the risks that come with it. 

As technology continues to evolve and we become increasingly dependent on smart devices, the threats in the virtual world also increase. And that’s where cybersecurity comes into play to help us stay safe in this highly digitized era. That’s also why the cybersecurity field has been experiencing such rapid growth in the past few years. 

So, if you’re currently looking to start a career in this domain, you have made a wise decision. With the right skills and expertise, you can find a job practically in every part of the world. But you have to know that not all cities offer the same opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. A recent analysis conducted by TechShielder reveals some of the best cities for cybersecurity professionals in the US and abroad. The analysis comprises both cities that provide excellent cybersecurity job opportunities overall, as well as counties that offer remote work opportunities.

The study takes into account factors such as average salary, job availability, and cost of living to obtain a score for each city and help you find the best options for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out what locations you should consider if you want to start your cybersecurity career on the right foot. 

Cities with great job opportunities 

Cities with great job opportunities

The city that holds the first position, according to the TechShielder analysis, is Washington DC, with an overall score of 17.58. This comes as no surprise, considering Washington is the U.S. capital and home to many government agencies and organizations that require a large number of cybersecurity professionals to run their activities safely.

You’ll find plenty of well-paid jobs in DC, with an average annual salary of over £84,000. The only downside would be the high cost of living which you should also consider before taking the leap. 

In the second position, we have Singapore, with an overall score of 16.44. However, the city is a leader when it comes to job availability, so the chances of landing a cybersecurity job in Singapore are considerably higher than in other cities.

This makes Singapore a great option for recent graduates who are looking to break into cybersecurity. However, the cost of living – the highest out of all the cities on the list – and the average salary place it lower in the rankings. 

Berlin comes in at number three, with an overall score of 15.41, high-paying jobs, and lower cost of living, but the job availability is also lower in Germany’s capital. 

Luxembourg provides an interesting entry on the list, at number four. If pay is the most important factor for you when looking for a cybersecurity job, Luxembourg is definitely an option you’ll want to consider, as it has the highest average salary – an impressive £110,768 per year.

As one might expect, there are fewer cybersecurity positions to choose from here, but if you do land a job in Luxembourg chances are you’ll earn a good salary and the cost of living is also reasonable. 

London also makes an appearance on the list, in 8th place. The advantage of searching for a cybersecurity job in the UK’s capital is given by the high job availability, but the downside is the lower average salary – only £74,416 per year – for a city with a high cost of living. 

Knowing these data will help you make an informed decision and choose the best city to start your career. It’s up to you to decide which factors weigh the most for you when going on a job hunt in the cybersecurity field. 

Remote work options

Remote work options

In recent years, more and more companies have started adopting a remote work model. Leaving behind the traditional office setting can bring a number of benefits for both companies and employees. We’ve come to realize that employees can be just as productive working from home or from any other location as they are when they work from the office. Therefore, a great number of professionals are looking for remote job opportunities at the moment, and the cybersecurity field makes no exception. 

Luckily, the analysis also provides us with a list of countries that offer great remote job opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. 

Surprisingly enough, Brazil is the country with the most cybersecurity positions (22%) that offer the possibility of working remotely, thanks to the many co-working spaces across the country.

But if you’re not keen on working from a conventional office, you can always take your gear with you and work from one of Brazil’s stunning beaches, while taking breaks to admire beautiful ocean views.   

Colombia comes close behind with 21% of the cybersecurity jobs available providing remote work options. Just like Brazil, there are many locations across the country that can serve as an office if you choose to work remotely, from coffee shops to libraries or coworking spaces. 

In Europe, Portugal seems to be the best choice for digital nomads searching for a remote job opportunity in the cybersecurity field. The low cost of living paired with great Wi-Fi make Portugal a great contender on the list, with 16% of the jobs being open to remote work. 

Final thoughts 

There’s no denying that starting a career in cybersecurity provides plenty of benefits. From abundant job opportunities, variety, and flexibility to growth opportunities and the possibility to make a significant impact, cybersecurity is a very promising field. Choosing the right city to begin your journey as a cybersecurity professional can help you increase your chances of building a successful and thriving career in this field.  

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