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Fix Unable to Delete or Move files in some KitKat Phones

Some people using low or low memory KitKat Phones do experience issue copying, moving or deleting files in their Phones.I use to see it as a bug before but...
Click UI Premium

Click UI Premium Latest download

The theme currently contains more than 1500 icons which continue to update to cover a greater number of applications. Also includes the 10 screensavers you see in the screenshots,...

How to change fonts in Android Phones

Do you want to change the font on your Android phone but don't know how to do that.Well today, am going to show you how. Let of our phones...

Blur your status bar with this Xposed Module

With this Xposed module that has been updated with several improvements of both stability and appearance generates a good effect to our notification curtain as wing wing window multitasking...
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