Facebook Lite update, some features added

Facebook has added some cool features in their recent update on Facebook Lite and some of the features are very cool.Like before, you must upgrade your app to enjoy...
Purify For Android

Purify, The Best Battery Saver App

If you check any of the phones were with and you didn't see Purify installed in it, then know the phone doesn't belong to me.That's my definition of the...
Root-booster pro

Root Booster Pro – Enhancement Performance, Saves Battery and Stability

Root Booster is for those who need maximum performance when running applications without slow, unhindered or for enthusiasts who want to extend the life of the battery"There are many...

Must have VPN app for Android

Android VPN apps help us surf the web protected from Malicious Site. VPN Apps helps us surf the net with privacy and full encryption of our data.