Facebook Lite Update

Facebook Lite Update, New features added and Bug fixes

Facebook Lite is trying every day to add more new things to the Facebook Lite app.The Lite version which is the optimized version of the big app. Many updates...

Facebook set to lease its first San Francisco office, for Instagram

Facebook has offices in sixty-eight cities around the world, nonetheless has had to resort to holding SF conferences at its PR company OutCast’s offices

Facebook: How It Can Be A Relationship Destroyer

social media makes it easy to connect with our loved ones, Family, Relation, Friends and even Foes too, but in some aspect can be a big destroyer too.

Now you can tag your local politicians on Facebook

You at no time in the future are constrained to raving to your Facebook companions - the web-based social networking goliath is reaching your nearby legislators.Facebook political rages are...

Why is Facebook very popular than other social networks

This is the question I have been asking myself for a while but I have come to a conclusion on my own what I think is really causing the...