The theme currently contains more than 1500 icons which continue to update to cover a greater number of applications. Also includes the 10 screensavers you see in the screenshots, with an elegant and intrusive design. The icons are high definition HD at 144×144 and appear neatly on both phones and tablets.
Click UI help you design your phone to have a nice look.
Enjoy the user interface, long subtle shadows. The soft pastel colors. This is the revolutionary of the original fashion that has inspired many. In this user interface is a set of circular icons that will make you fall in love with your Android device again.
This icon pack is characterized by the color rendering that adapts its icons, with strong colors and a subtle shadow that adds a special touch of contrast in their colorful tones.

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With over 1500 beautiful icons in HD.
16 high definition wallpapers included.
Request Icon tool.
Quick-apply buttons for numerous launchers.
Support dynamic calendar.
Masking icon for launchers who support it. Constant upgrades and support.
Icons of soft colors so as not to tire you dress her to eye contact.
Striking design with a touch of Material Design.

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Click UI Premium
Click UI Premium

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