How To'sCommon Mobile Phone Problems With Solution

Common Mobile Phone Problems With Solution

Just as human beings cannot be perfect, a mobile phone cannot be. There are a lot of times when your mobile phone starts facing problems. After all, it is a mechanical product and there are a lot of crashes, bugs, and different concerns particularly with the phone growing older.

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Some common problems that tend to arise with mobile phones along with their solution are mentioned below: 

Slow functioning 

One of the most frequently arising problems is slow running, particularly when your phone has become older. The cause for this slow pace is downloading unimportant apps that make use of the RAM of your device to save several files within your phone.

The solution to this problem is wiping out all the unnecessary apps as well as files from your device and clearing up the cache data. A diagnostic app can also help you in doing this. You can get your desired mobile phones for rent or find a second hand cheap mobile phone according to your budget. (To buy Second hand iPhone 7, click here) 

Weak battery power 

Sadly, this is one such problem which is faced by nearly every mobile phone user. The most commonly occurring problems are slow charging, battery draining, or not charging at all. We stick to our phone so much that its battery getting drained is very normal.

The major concern happens when your phone gets discharged even when not in use. This problem can be solved by uninstalling all such apps which consume high battery. Then, enabling the battery saving mode can help along with lowering the brightness level and turning off locations. 


In maximum cases, the storage in your smartphone is full of videos and audios. You must take proper care of the storage of your phone while buying a smartphone since just after a few days a low storage concern will start to bother you.

This can be an issue when you download movies online on your smartphone. Very few smartphones allow their memory to be expanded in the present times. You need to clear out the cache at first with apps such as cache cleaner which allows you to clean all the cache for a particular app. Uninstalling apps or moving them from your phone memory can also help apart from transferring the pictures on the cloud storage to create space on your phone. 

Crashing of app or phone 

This problem occurs in the presence of a big in any of the apps which have been installed on your mobile phone and are facing a shortage of space. This problem can be very irritating for the users.

Clearing the data of all apps from the app manager icon can help. Prevention of several apps at one time and troubleshooting your phone with a restart can be of great help along with the removal of battery or restoring the device to factory settings. 

Henceforth, mentioned above are some of the most commonly faced problems by smartphone users regularly. There are many other problems too, but these are the most frequently happening ones. All of the problems have been addressed above in this post with the most appropriate solution and can be of great help for the people facing any such issue. 

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