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Comparison of Python vs Java for Web Development

Each programming language has its pluses and minuses when it comes to web development. But among others, there are two most powerful and most adored by coders than the others. They are Python and Java – the programming languages, which offer its developers a wide range of options. The choice which programing language to use for coding the web applications is, probably, only one of the most serious the coder will face starting the web development project.

Always being in the bunch of high-five, the Java, however, most often is ahead of Python.
From the other side, the popularity and the number of avid pythonists grows quickly. And most likely, in 2019 the Python will eventually lead the list of top languages for web development.

The choice

Despite their similarities, both of these programming languages have differences, which make it almost impossible to claim each of them is better. The only factor influencing the choice of every web developer, in reality, is the uniqueness of the individual need of the project. Thus, the project specification is the cornerstone of the choice of the programing language.

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Differences between Python and Java

The Python is a dynamically typed programming language whereas Java is on contrary – statically typed. This gives the Python an advantage as it is not necessary to declare the type of the variable inside of the code. Also, the Python is well known for its plain design and readability of the code written inside.

It also allows doing the same code settings as it is in Java but with fewer lines of code. All it makes the web development in Python much faster than in Java. As a matter of fact, some coders believe the work process in the Python may be up to 10 times more productive. However, the static type system of Java leaves fewer chances to make a mistake in the code line.

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IOS and Android support play an important role when making a choice between these two. Nor IOS, nor Android support Python as the official programming language. It is possible, however, to develop mobile apps in Python but it would require more effort and time. But when it comes to Java, it is among the most popular programming languages for Android application development.

If the most valuable criteria of the future project are security Java may also come in handy. It is widely used for banking web applications. It can propose you access to specific security features like access control, cryptography as well as to the advanced authentication.

Similarities between Python and Java

Both of these languages can offer a boost of efficiency with the variety of its frameworks for web development like Spring and Django. Also, as the open-source languages, Python and Java can offer the uncountable number of libraries already created by other developers. And in case of need, it is possible to find almost anything in these libraries for the newly-planned project.

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Choosing the most suitable programing language for the project, the coder has to weigh up the number of pros and cons of both these languages. Python offers developer productivity with a low budget but the fast speed of work.
When the project is about complicated data analytics and visualization it is convenient to use Python. Java shines when it comes to mobile app development as it is the preferred programing language for Android. It is also extremely convenient for the development of banking systems, which require high-security standards.

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