How to Convert JPG to Excel (xlsx) SpreadSheet for Free

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a raster image format that uses compressed data for graphical representation and creating photos. Even it is referred to as the best format for making smaller-size images.

On the other hand, Excel (XLSX) is a well-known spreadsheet format that mainly stores and organizes data precisely. After a bit of introduction, let’s come to the point that we here shortlisted some best ways that reveal how easily you can now convert images to excel worksheet for free of cost.

Did You Already Know!

What if you have an image of your finance that is loaded with different columns and you want to make editing or highlight something within it! Yes, this is the place where you need the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that helps you to recognize text within an image and store it within an editable Excel format. Thanks to tools like JPG to Excel converter by theonlineconverter which lets use the free OCR feature to quickly extract text from your images and export that all within an Excel spreadsheet file format. 


This image to excel converter is indicated as a freeware utility through which you people can readily convert JPG to Excel tabular format. Its online OCR mainly functions for extracting data from the scanned photos and then swiftly transforming it into an editable excel for recognizing text on images including characters or symbols. 

No need to stick with the daunting processes of registration and installation as this online JPG to Excel converter does all within a matter of seconds. But for the registered users, there is some feasibility that their files data are saved for up to one month. Now, you can proceed with 20 files at once with the free use of this picture-to-text conversion tool. In addition to that, it recognizes over 40 languages using OCR and even supports all browsers, operating systems, and devices.  

How to Convert JPG to Excel

  1. Step #1:

Start proceeding with Select File option that allow you to add image file for text extraction using OCR

  1. Step #2:

Once your images are uploaded, you simply need to choose the language and set the Excel as a converted format

  1. Step #3:

Click on the given Convert button to change JPEG to Excel

  1. Step #4:

Finally, download and move the converted Excel file


It is one of the best JPG to Excel converter mediums that lets you extract text from images using OCR for free and quickly. The great thing is that all the data is properly populated within the converted Excel spreadsheet with the assistance of this online photo to excel converter. Even if you’re worrying about formatting distortion while conversions, then don’t fret as it uses the best algorithm for preserving formatting. 

Additionally, once the conversion is proceeded, your uploaded images and downloaded Excel (xlsx) files are permanently deleted from the server source. You can get the feasibility for converting audio, video, document, image, PDF, and eBooks files on windows, mac, or Linux with this online web-based program. 

How to Change JPG to Excel for Free using theonlineconverter?

  1. Step #1:

Select image files from the computer, just make a drag and drop, or add by URL that you want to convert into an Excel file using OCR

  1. Step #2:

Just click on the provided Convert button that is right in the toolbox

  1. Step #3:

Finally, save your newly converted OCR-based Excel spreadsheets with a single click


Give a try to this JPG to Excel converter by PDFmall and save JPG text data as tabular form in an Excel file without any limitations and restrictions. This handy program allows you to make conversions within a matter of seconds, just a couple of clicks require changing images to excel with this free assistance. This platform makes fully secure conversions, all the converted and uploaded files are removed permanently after the conversion is done.

say goodbye to the registration process too as it lets you make your instant conversion online while keeping the formatting high. This online photo-to-excel converter supports conversions on all devices loaded with modern web-based browsers. 

How to turn JPG into Excel Online Using Pdfmall?

  1. Step #1:

Choose the JPG images from the computer, URL, GDrive, and Dropbox source for uploading. Alternatively, you people can make drag and drop

  1. Step #2:

This is where you need to make choice with XLS (Excel)

  1. Step #3:

Its time to make a selection for the text recognition mode:

Use Only Text from JPG


  1. Step #4:

Hit the Convert Now button and swiftly save your converted XLS file 

There are innumerable ways to change JPG to Excel using OCR, but not all of them provided you with optimal outcomes. Thus, we discussed the most suitable ways that assist you to export images as Excel files without compromising the formatting. Choose one or more and turn JPG text into an Excel file within the blink of an eye. Good Luck!

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