Apple13 Cool Gaming Apps For iOS

13 Cool Gaming Apps For iOS

Nowadays, almost every smartphone can be used as a console. However, most iOS devices make gaming smoother and more interesting. This is owing to the great display and various options available for mobile gamers in the App Store. The real problem lies in finding the perfect gaming apps.

We took it upon ourselves to sift through and select the best games for you. Whatever your taste is, our list of cool gaming apps for iOS got you covered. Let’s take a look.

  1. SuperStar Teen Patti
SuperStar Teen Patti

SuperStar Teen Patti is one of the leading online Teen Patti game apps in India. Its best feature is the “Live Casino Red & Black”. Here, a real person whom you can hear, see, and interact with hosts the game. Once you try out this app, you’ll agree that playing this Teen Patti app is the perfect way to experience Teen Patti online.

  1. Kingdom Two Crowns

This game is all about a monarch riding on horseback. He uses gold coins to get his biddings done by locals. All is well in the castle till sunset when the Greed arrives. They are out to steal your workers’ tools and your crown. If your workers’ tools are stolen, you’ll part with some coins to upgrade them. Stealing your crown ends your reign.

  1. Peak’s Edge

This game is highly recommended if you’re a fan of strategy games. The aim is for your little pyramid to eliminate enemies and achieve a goal. Most of the strategy is embedded in the power-ups placed all over the game. The power-ups apply to your pyramid when you roll on them. Your level of planning before making a move determines how far you can go in the game. Easy to begin and tough to master, Peak’s Edge is a masterpiece.

  1. Maze Machina
Maze Machina

This game features a mouse trapped in a maze. It aims to exit when a key is found. Again, it is a game of strategy where you use power-ups to create an exit plan. You’ll also be mindful of bombs on the way and robots who can’t wait to kill you. Just like Peak’s Edge, it is easy to get into the game but tough to master.

  1. Starboard

This game is all about space gnomes defending their gardens from aliens. Here, brain work is needed more than combat to defeat the bugs. You can move only the bottom items of each column. You’re sure to win if you’re able to think several steps ahead in the game.

  1. P1 Select

P1 Select is an exciting dungeon crawler that you’ll love. It’s a single-screen game that features a maze, monsters, and an exit. P1 Select keeps your mind enthused with how to avoid and eliminate monsters while aiming for the exit. It may seem daunting at first, but critical thinking will help you land a win subsequently.

  1. Chess – Learn & Play

If you’re interested in learning how to play chess, this game is the perfect opportunity for you. It features an easy opponent, adaptive opponent, and grandmaster. These are the levels of expertise in the game, and you’ve to choose your opponent according to your level.

  1. Ink Inc

Ink Inc provides a soft landing for people interested in becoming tattoo artists. It features a wide range of stencils available to be tattooed onto the skin. It’s quite easy to navigate as your only job is to color the already stenciled tattoos.

  1. Bullet Echo

This is a fun shooting game themed in the dark. You’ll have a gun that has an attached flashlight. You have to take out your opponents. Your senses of sight and hearing are essential in this game. When your torchlight fails, make use of your hearing to detect enemies’ gunshots and footsteps.

  1. F1 Manager

F1 Manager lets you assemble and manage your team of drivers for the F1 World Championship. F1 is a very popular car race. If you’re good at what you do, you could recruit some expert drivers to win car races for you.

  1. Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

This is simply a fun game. Just run along the subway, collect coins, jump between cars, and do not fall off.

  1. League of Legends

This is a game of tactics where you choose a champion and team up with other players to infiltrate your opponent’s base. It has been in existence and is now available on the Apple App Store.

  1. 91 Club

Introducing 91 Club, a thrilling app where you can engage in colorful prediction games and challenging quizzes! Dive into a vibrant world of excitement where you’ll guess colors and answer stimulating questions. It’s the ultimate destination for game lovers seeking fun and entertainment on their mobile devices. Join the adventure and experience the exhilarating blend of prediction and trivia games today!.

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