Custom Rom, The sweetness of Android

Custom Rom, The sweetness of Android

Android is one of my best operating systems because it is an open source device running on Linux kernel.
Linux kernel allow it user to modify its contents.
This leads us to the brighter side of the Android OS which is its modification. We are allowed to modify it the way we want it to be.

Android Custom ROM.

Android Custom Rom is a modified version of the stock ROM. Stock ROM is the original version of your phone which the phone came with without any modification.

But the Custom ROM is the customized and modified version of the ROM as the same goes which is “Customized”.
Whenever you root your phone, you are modifying it because you want to alter its factory settings. You now have access same as the developer of the phone and can modify it the way you want.
We Customize our phones for different reasons and belief.
We sometimes believe that the factory settings of the stock ROM are limited to some access but when modified, we enjoy better and bigger benefits.

Lineage OS
And now, we are back to our main aim of discussing this which is about the Custom ROM, is it really the sweetness of the Android smartphone.
Like we are talking before, Custom ROM are of many good to our Android phones and how we are going to also partake in it.
Let me discuss this based on my personal view how I think it will be of help to you.
Stock ROM can be less entertaining to custom ROM because of its familiarity but Custom ROM are been released on daily, weekly and monthly release based on the developers.
Now let’s talk about the sweetness of the Custom ROM.
Custom ROMS makes Android phone faster than stock ROM, you cannot the two, it doesn’t mean that stock ROM is laggy but Custom ROM are optimized in such a way that it is going to give you the best performance you can image.
Any Custom ROM that are must have been battling with bugs can fix by replacing the necessary stock files.
You can enjoy a hell lots of space.
You can never enjoy this with your stock ROM because it is packed with lots of files that fills up the internal memory of the phone but with Custom ROM, you can be enjoying enough space on your phone.
A custom ROM is optimized in such a way that all the unnecessary files are removed in order to give you the best performance and free space on your phone.

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You don’t like Google?, No problem, you can now enjoy your phone without Google coming in. Most Custom ROM are Bloatware free which means that all unnecessary apps are removed from the ROM for you to enjoy the best performance.
In Custom ROM, users can remove all the unnecessary apps that they don’t want from their phone which give them enough room to install many more apps on their phone.
We have previously discussed why you should be using a custom ROM on your phone, going through it can help you understand more about it.

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