Data Tracking with IoT Software

The Internet of Things, often referred to as the IoT, is slowly starting to affect every area of our lives, from home products to vehicles to commercial situations. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this, but for business owners, the potential for valuable data tracking is one of the biggest and best features of the IoT
Being able to track data in real-time is a valuable ability, but it is important to handle that power responsibly, securely, and respectfully. Let us look at how IoT data tracking works and consider some of its biggest features, both obvious and unexpected. 

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a general term for the web of online connected devices across home and public life. That covers smart TVs, smart cars, smart meters, and pretty much anything else with “smart” in the name. These devices are connected to one another and to monitoring devices thanks to embedded sensors and communication abilities. There are many different types of IoT connected devices available nowadays, and all of them can be used for data collection or for being remotely controlled – which is why the security of the Internet of Things is so important and why all data tracking must be done with great caution and responsibility.

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Data Management with IoT Software

The sensors built into IoT devices collect a range of different information, depending on the device in question and what it is used for. Most IoT applications connect status data as standard, covering features like whether the appliance is switched off or on, or how much it is being used, or how much space is available. This is great for planning, decision making, maintenance, and general usage tracking, but it is the least useful type of data provided by IoT devices and often only really becomes useful when combined with other types of data.
Status data can also extend to actionable data, which is a more detailed class of data that can be easily processed and turned into actionable instructions by your system. This is the most useful type of data to use for projections and forecasting, as well as for modeling possible optimizations for your business strategies.

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GPS Tracking with IoT Software

Many IoT devices include GPS tracking functions, which is an important feature that many businesses can take advantage of in order to use IoT devices to their full potential. IoT connected systems can use location data from devices for anything from fleet management and asset monitoring to unethical practices such as employee tracking. The important thing to remember is that IoT location sensors are often faster and more precise than standard GPS trackers, which makes this feature of IoT devices a valuable consideration if your business involves the movement of a large number of assets. 
This is easiest to apply for businesses that involve the movement of vehicles. Accurate location monitoring can help you track every vehicle in your fleet, and stored data can be used to model optimized routes and refine your future movements. It is also ideal for monitoring things like speed, location, and interference. If your vehicles are going too fast, you can see that. If someone tries to access one without authorization, you can see that. If your vehicle moves outside a predefined area, you can see that too. Location tracking has a myriad of uses for larger businesses!

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Almost every industry can benefit from the responsible application of IoT data tracking technology. Areas such as healthcare and manufacturing are in the lead in terms of implementation at the moment, but there is almost no limit to the improvements and refinements that can be made with IoT data collection, provided that it is used with a sense of responsibility and caution.
When collecting IoT data, it is important to remember that poor deployment of this data without care and thoughtful application could be disastrous. One piece of inaccurate data and all of your future projections will be thrown off. This could lead to devastation for both your business and your customers, and if applied to machinery, transport, or healthcare, it can lead to accidents and loss of life. Irresponsible data application can be disastrous for both you and society as a whole, so responsibility and caution are vital.

Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
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