How To'sHow to Design An Eye-Catching Product Advertisement Video

How to Design An Eye-Catching Product Advertisement Video

With an unfathomable amount of video content being distributed and billions of dollars spent on it every day, designing eye-catching product advertisement videos might seem like a daunting task. After all, the competition is fierce and there are only so many ways to skin a cat. But what if there were some tried and true methods and rules to follow that would ensure any brand or business can create stunning ads for their products each and every time?

With video content at an all-time high and with people watching 84 minutes of video on average each day (with many watching many more times this), it’s easy to see why there’s so much opportunity for brand and business growth in video ads today. An incredible fact to keep in mind is that 90% of businesses get new customers from video ads placed on social media alone. To stand out, get noticed, and be counted, your product advertisement videos can’t be run-of-the-mill—you need the right knowledge and the right tools. 

This is where professional film production companies who’ve been in the business can help; like CoolBox – Video Production Company Brighton. Expert film production companies who handle everything from planning to filming to post-production know what it takes to stand out from the crowd and create stunning video ads tailored to your needs that have a lasting impact and increase leads and sales.

Here’s how to design eye-catching and hooking product advertisement videos each and every time.

  1. Get creative.

As we’ve already mentioned, competition is fiercer than ever today. Almost every brand and business is in on video content, including ads. If you want to show the world eye-catching product video ads for your brand or business that grabs attention and boosts product sales, you’ll need to get creative.

With so many video ads already done, you can’t afford to copy, rinse and repeat. Think outside the box. You can use tried and true templates but shift the focus or implement something unique. Perhaps try a black and white video. Or enhanced hues and colours. Try capturing natural moments that don’t appear too scripted. 

Use your creativity to come up with a video style or format or location that fits your product message and hasn’t been seen before. People are so bombarded with ads that you’ll need to try something a little different, perhaps even a little edgy to truly be eye-catching.

  1. Evoke emotion.

Emotion is one of if not the motivational force that drives people to buy a product. Whether it’s a ten-second video or a two-minute ad, focus on trying to evoke an emotional reaction in your viewers.

Visuals, sound and the story involved all play a big part in this. Capture emotional attention and you’ll hook viewers and win them over. And there are many avenues for getting creative with this and many ways to evoke emotions in your viewers. Shock viewers with captivating imagery. Or tell a sad story but give viewers your product that solves the problem. Perhaps tell a love story. Aim to connect with your target audience and even new viewers as deeply as possible. 

  1. Get people talking.

Designing eye-catching product advertisement videos can get people talking. This can increase brand awareness and increase leads and drive sales through the roof. But how do you do it?

A great way to get people talking with eye-catching video ads is to hit a hard chord. Getting straight to the point works well here. Oftentimes, and what people are used to, are brands beating around the bush. You can stun people by breaking the mould and using your video ads to tell all explicitly—just make sure it’s all for the right reasons.

Professional film companies can be especially helpful here. The best ones, who have years of experience working with top brands, businesses, and corporations under their belts can help decide on a type of video that safely pushes the boundaries. They’ll have years of expertise and a portfolio to match where they can show you what works and what doesn’t in this context.

  1. Use stunning imagery.

Video is, after all, composed mostly of images. Each frame has the potential to elicit a response in your viewers. One of the main reasons video content has become so popular amongst brands and businesses is because it works. And it works because people respond especially strongly to visual cues.

We always recommend using the best camera and lighting you can afford. But if you can’t afford anything too fancy, don’t worry. There’s more to creating eye-catching ads than equipment. Post-production editing, graphics, and design all play a big role. This is another area where hiring a professional film production company can prove invaluable. They have the equipment, the tools, and the know-how to make your video ads visually stunning.

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