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DesignEvo Logo Creator: Site to Create Free Logo

DesignEvo Logo Creator Interface

DesignEvo Logo Creator: Site to Create Free Logo

Creating a logo is something very important in the development of a business. But wait, logo creation is not easy at all! If you risk doing it ourselves, you must have at least a good knowledge of graphics software and a lot of creativity. Otherwise, you will need to find a talented and creative designer to express and represent your company in the form of a logo. Although this is not an easy task, with a little effort, it is possible to find a designer with these characteristics, but the real problem is the amount of money you need to invest in with it (a professional designer can charge more than a thousand pennies for this work ).

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To solve this problem, before hiring a designer you can try to create your logo – just the way you like it – through some online services. There are dozens of services that can offer this to you for free, and they can be very useful when you need it. Today we introduce DesignEvo Logo Creator which allows you to create a pretty logo in minutes. With it, you no longer need a big budget or a professional designer.

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  • Wide selection of logo templates;
  • Millions of vector icons;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Free download (for low-resolution logos);


First, access the website www.designevo.com. On the homepage, you’ll see the button “Make a Free Logo”. Click on it to start creating your logo. The process consists of three steps.

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Step 1. Choose from over 5,000 templates. You can select a category listed at the left side or search with keywords to find the one that matches your needs perfectly. Optionally, you can enter your logo name or add a tagline to your logo. After that, click “Get Started”.DesignEvo Logo Creator Logos

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Step 2. Your logo is fully customizable. To edit the selected logo, click on any element and adjust it with your taste.

DesignEvo Logo Creator InterfaceWith DesignEvo ‘s logo editor you can:

  • Adjust the size and arrangement of the elements;
  • Combine new shapes, text, and icons;
  • Change the color of the icon and text;
  • Adjust the text font, outline, glow and curved effect, etc;
  • Add shadows;
  • Change background;
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Step 3. Finally, click “Save” button on the top menu and save your logo for further editing. Or click “Download” button and you will get ready to use logo files.

DesignEvo Logo Creator Pricing


Prices are another big advantage of DesignEvo.

You get your logo in the low definition for free that is more than enough to put on a banner, a website or show it as an example to a customer.

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If you need a high definition logo and vector file, you can apply for a plan starting from $19.99 to $39.99.

If you are looking for an online logo service, we recommend DesignEvo. Undoubtedly it is one of the best tools available nowadays with the ability to create your logo online the way you need, and with a professional result. With it, creating a smart logo is easy, fast and affordable for anyone.

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