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DLab Portable Monitor review: A portable, full-feature 4k monitor that offers so much for little.

Sometimes, your smartphone or computer display capacity can’t cut for the work you want to do or currently perform. This is usually true if you’re a gamer or visual art creator developing images, videos, games, or other graphics-intensive media. In this case, you need another screen to render your media in a resolution allowing easy interaction with the media.

Whether you’re a graphics designer, logo creator, game developer, video editor, or gamer, you will work better with a 4k display that produces crisp media. On a 4k monitor, the colours are true to life. You can see and manipulate fine lines when creating or editing digital art, images, and videos.

As appealing as 4k display sounds, they don’t come cheap. And the cost may be the reason why you don’t own a computer with a 4k display already. Well, you’re in luck. Recently, we were commissioned to review the DLab Portable Monitor. The manufacturers (DeskLab) touted the device as “an entire suite of office and entertainment features packed into the lightest portable touchscreen monitor ever.” 

Of course, this piqued our interest, but the promo price tag of the device was the main draw for us. Priced at $700 per unit, you can get the DLab Portable Monitor for $300 right now. That’s a whopping 57% discount on the official retail price. At the $700 price, DLab Portable Monitor is among the best-priced gaming monitor or 4k Touch screen monitors you can find. So purchasing the monitor for $300 is a steal.

Like every new company, DeskLab (the manufacturer of DLab Portable monitor) is putting out its products for test and making them accessible to low-mid income consumers to increase popularity and market share. 

However, pricing doesn’t make a device great. In fact, a huge discount can raise suspicion about a product’s quality. And that was the case with the DLab Portable Monitor, but the hundreds of excellent reviews convinced us of the device’s quality. So we wanted to see for ourselves what made this 4k monitor interesting.

DLab Portable Monitor review - A portable, full-feature 4k monitor that offers so much for little

DLab Portable Monitor Review


Dlab Design

When you hold the DLab portable monitor, you will understand why DeskLab added the term “portable” to the device’s title. The device is impressively ultralight. Its weight doesn’t reflect the size of the screen in any way. You will feel comfortable carrying the device in hand just like you would carry a tablet.

The DLab Portable monitor weighs 725 grams and measures 0.14-inch (width). The device’s 15.6-inch display panel is wrapped with an aluminum unibody, which allows the magnetic cover stand to latch onto the device easily.

You must purchase the magnetic cover stand separately, which is a “compulsory purchase” if you want to use the display in different positions.

On the bottom-right edge of the display, you will find several ports (Type-C / mini-HDMI / Micro-USB) for connectivity. The display doesn’t require setup, just plug it into a compatible device and start using it. On the other side of the device, you will find the power button, controls, and micro-USB port.

The device also has a pair of dual Hi-Fi speakers built-in. The speakers produce a decent sound but cannot fill a hall or large room. This is understandable, considering the size of the speakers – they just can’t move so much air.


Dlab Display

The DLab is a full-feature 4k monitor. The display measures 15.6 inches, which is the size of a moderately large laptop screen. You can get the display in Full HD (1080p) or Ultra HD (4k) resolution. Desklab built the display with an IPS panel to ensure users enjoy the resolution from different angles, up to 178 degrees. The display has a contrast ratio of 1200:1, a luminance of 400 cd/m2, and a 20ms response time.

Thanks to the multitouch and pressure sensitivity, you can use the display to input touchscreen signals, draw, edit or watch media. Just so you know, touchscreen capability isn’t a common feature. So the DLab impresses with its touchscreen capability. 

NOTE: Touchscreen will only work on devices that have been designed to receive touchscreen signals. For example – MacBooks cannot receive touchscreen inputs. Other devices that are not already touchscreen-enabled will also not be able to receive touchscreen signals.

According to the marketing material, DLab is equipped with several eye-protecting features so you can power through overtime or crush those all-night study sessions without migraines, itchy eyes, and blurry vision. The display is flicker-free, anti-glare, and has a low blue light.

Accessories and Compatibility

Dlab Accessories and compatibility

The ports on the DLab make connections fast and easy. You can plug in the display to extend your screen view if you have the right connector. DLab works with every device, and you can use it to control devices that support touchscreen.

Of course, DLab is more than a display extender. If you purchase a stylus or keyboard, it can be your writing pad or convertible tablet. The use cases of the monitor are only limited by the accessories available.


In all, the DLab monitor is an excellent 4k monitor for graphic designers, video editors, media experts, and anyone who wants to extend their display view or render their media with a High-definition display.

Compared to the competition, the DLab monitor is fantastic. The design and display quality makes the device worth purchasing. When connected to a mobile device, the monitor shines brightly, allowing you to operate your smartphone while enjoying 4k resolution.

Words would fail to describe the Dlab portable monitor as a hands-on experience. So if you need a 4k monitor to extend your display and functions, visit to get a unit while the discount lasts.

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